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1995 Acura Integra GS-R install

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  • 1995 Acura Integra GS-R install

    Well. I got really anxious with the computer sitting in my basement, assembled, with everything but a touchscreen. So I went ahead and put it in my car.

    I'll post pictures when i get it installed properly. Right now it's just in there velcro'd to the carpet Since I don't have a touchscreen, the computer just boots into windows media player and starts playing music, and I use my Creativ PC remote to change songs and adjust volume, etc.

    It was a really simple install. I already had an amp going to my aftermarket speakers, with a power distribution block back there. So all I did was wire the m1-atx into the block and ground it. I stole the remote switch wire from the amp, then ran a jumper from the amp switch out jumper on the PSU to signal the amp to power on. Switched the audio cables from the head unit to the PC and boom. Ready to go

    I wont even have to touch the console panels and carpet until I get the touchscreen.


    VIA M10000 motherboard
    512 MB DDR ram
    M1-ATX PSU
    Sony VAIO dvd/CD-RW drive
    Seagate 160 GB 7200 rpm 3.5" hard drive

    edit: here is the car in question:

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    I ran all the wires through the carpet, and I cleaned up the install. If you saw it before, you would be proud of me. The amp and computer and everything were strewn all over the car with wires everywhere. The box for the computer is temporary. I may make a little bench that covers the amp, dist. block and computer all, so it looks more flush. Or I may just make a box with a little glass top that you can see through, in case i want to make my computer glow or something?

    I had to cut a new floorboard, and transfer all the little foam pads over I cut the main part out with a rotary saw, then I had to use that little crappy saw, and it took for-freakin-ever. Until I got the hang of the saw at least.

    Then the wires ran up through the carpet.

    And then everything in, temporarily:

    The 7" Lilliput should be in tomorrow or the next day.


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      And here's another shot of the temporary install. I know, I need a vacuuming and shampooing. That velcro is where the computer was held down until this point. It is coming out.


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        So just showin what kind of monitor I'm usin. got this in today. I have to work every day except thursday and sunday this week, and thursday and any other time off I'll be with my girlfriend :-\ , so I don't know when I'll have time to mount that baby into the dash (the monitor, not my girlfriend ) Hopefully Sunday.

        So here it is temporarily mounted up on my dash. It will be going in where the head unit is now, so that it doesn't attract unwanted attention. And it doesn't unwantingly attract my attention when I'm on the freeway.

        Everything relative:

        My Dash:

        Closeup of my awesome replacement 'head unit'


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          Nice start!

          Please make pictures 800X600. Forum rules.


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            Sorry. Fixed.


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              Much better.

              Again, Really nice start.


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                looks good, can u post a daytime pic maybe?


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                  If I can ever take one. I'm never home during the day. That's why my project is taking so long to get in. I have class monday - friday, then I work 5 days a week, and spend the other 2 days off with my girlfriend. I only get a good free day dedicated to my projects about once every 2 - 3 weeks


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                    Looks nice. But a day pic is a must.
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                      Ok, I'm gonna put the screen in on Sunday, hopefully. So this is the part where I need feedback.

                      This is how the monitor has been sitting lately, just to test out the system and determine how i like the feel of it up there:

                      Now I could fiberglass it in up there, but I would have to remove the vents and maybe my hazard switch and rear defogger switch. I would have to move the hazard switch, but I've never in my life touched the defogger. So then it wouldn't look very stock. However, visibility of the screen would be much better than in the double-DIN space. Here is a general idea of what that would look like:

                      Or I could put it in the double-DIN slot. Visibility is decent for driver and passenger. Visibility is not so good for thieves and power-hungry police officers. Not to mention the relative ease that this installation would give me. I would barely have to do any cutting. I would have to remove the cig tray and at least cut into the cig lighter. I would probably just take them both out and put in a CD/DVD drive under the screen. Maybe some USB ports

                      Sorry about those pictures I should have had the flash on.


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                        Well, apparently there's not much interest for older cars here on mp3car specifically hondas i guess.

                        Started fabrication. First thing to do was take out the seats and all the console:

                        out it goes!

                        Now I used the aftermarket stereo bezel and tray for a source of plastic Nobody sells sheets of ABS plastic around here.

                        I cut up the trim of it and cement it to the outside of the lilliput frame:

                        Then used the tray portion to construct my own bezel that's going where the cigarette lighter and ashtray were. My car is a non-smoking vehicle anyway.

                        Then cement all that together, and you can see my external cd-rom adapter bay is in there.

                        Now there goes my day off and my warranty for the lilliput . The ABS and MEK method takes a loooong time. I've been working on this off and on since 10:00 this morning and its 9:00 PM and I guess the rest will wait for another day. All I have left is sanding and painting, I will try to get to that throughout the week in my free time, since I can do that little by little.


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                          looking good man, keep us posted!


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                            So you're you're going for the double DIN slot. I've got my display in there right now, but haven't got around to making a bezel. I'm very interested in seeing how yours turns out.


                            Carputer installed!!!
                            Nlited XP+Minlogon, EpiaM10k, 512mb, Seagate 40 gig 2.5" HD, FM Dlink usb radio, DWL122 USB Wifi, XMD1000 tuner, PT5071 6 amp regulator, Xenarc 700TSV, and 1 ikea key box.


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                              Sweet! You made room for a DVD as well I see.
                              Renault Megane...the OEM look

                              The Lost in Europe Ford Escort