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  • 2004 Civic Stock-Look

    Well, I've been meaning to post pictures of what I have so far all summer, and I finally got around to taking some pictures, so here goes.

    My plan is to make my carputer look stock, use the stock head unit, etc. I also didn't want to have a nasty tangle of wires running all over the place, and I wanted to have full use of my trunk. All of this meant that there weren't many places to install the hardware; the dash was too small, the trunk wouldn't work because I like having a spare tire, and the center console was WAY too small. I eventuallky figured that since I have a coupe, not many people would sit directly behind me, and under the driver's seat was a perfect place.

    So I took measurements and headed down to the shop. I picked up some spare plexiglass sheets, cut them, and welded them together to form what you see here. The color is weird, the edges aren't perfectly square, and I wouldn't want to test it but it holds everything in place and fits under the seat with room to spare. The Epia M10000 motherboard, M1-ATX PSU, and the 60GB HD are all visible in the pictures. I added a molex connector so that I can just unplug the computer from the car and haul it inside for testing if I need to. The fan on top was because I realized in testing that the motherboard was getting pretty hot, so I used my dremel to cut an opening and bolt the fan in.

    I used the static foam that came with the motherboard to act is cushioning between the case and the board, but that will be changed before I power it up again, because there have been reports of motherboards shorting out doing that. Otherwise I just used #12-32 (I think) 1/2" flathead machine screws to hold it in place, with a nut as a riser. There are also lockwashers between the motherboard and the nuts. The hinges are cheap brass things I got at the hardware store for less than a buck, and I used locktite to prevent the nuts from loosening, which became a problem. The hard drive is bolted to a length of angle aluminum using regular mounting hardware, and that piece of aluminum is just bolted to the case using the same #12-32 screws and lockwashers as the mobo. Ditto for the power supply and the fan. I countersunk all the screw holes so that nothing would catch on them.

    Next is to make the enclosure for the screen, then to integrate the computer with my head unit. Neither of these tasks will be as easy as what I just did...
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    Old plans out the window because of an accident .
    Have: M1-ATX, EPIA M10000, 256MB, 60GB 2.5", slim slot load DVD
    Need: Time, HU integration, ideas for Lilli