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My carputer install into a MY01 WRX

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  • My carputer install into a MY01 WRX

    Been a lurker for a while now, by golly that search button has been my best friend through this build-up.

    Here's some pictures from my project.

    Slowly gettting there

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    Oh man, that's just incredible! Awesome bezel, but what I really liked was the case. Nice fab work.
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      none of the pictures seem to work for me.


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        Originally posted by simple
        none of the pictures seem to work for me.
        thats cause you suck? na j/k. Looks pretty good/
        Progress,.... that is what I keep forgetting ;)
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            Nice install. I am doing an install soon on my MY01 RX. The same bezel and everything. I have been toying with the idea of mounting the PC behind the screen using a Mini ITX Mobo..


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              I also considered the idea of mounting the board behind the LCD, but realised i would need to cut (dremel) alot of plastic out of the way.

              Anyways, i installed all the bits into the car over the weekend, Took the machine for a stress test down some open country roads (upgraded suspension shook the crap outta the machine) and it performed flawlessly.

              Generally I am quite impressed with video, mp3 side of things.. FM radio however... hmmmmm a little poor then what i expected.

              I am using the Dlink USB radio (my fault really as a few people did say it sucked). Anyways.. time to do more searching to see if we can get it working right or back to the drawing board..

              I shall get some pictures up tonight of the install etc.


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                looks awesome. the search button sucks btw. it should have an option of what category your looking for.everything you search for will have scouses thread at the top.