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  • Renault 5 (S)low-rider


    So I decided to build my first carputer in my little Renault!!
    This is how it looks at the moment:

    It is a crappy standard 1,2 litre "shopping bag"

    I'm going to do a lot to this car though I'm currently going trough an engine rebuild... a 1,4 litre version. A bit more power to make the ride more smooth...

    Also the interior is going to be rebuilt for the most part!

    As for the carputer part:

    As a screen I will be using a Sony psone screen which I bought from (auction site like ebay, but here in Finland). I've been fiddling around with the screen and took it apart so I could make an VGA-mod get better quality
    Though for now I'm trying to find a broken psone so I'd get the connector from it and build a vga --> psone av converter cable...

    The first plan was to use a Dell optiplex GX100 (intel 433MHz) desktop computer! Got it from a friend for free...
    Plans have changed. Messing around with powerstrip has confirmed me that the integrated intel 810 chipset will not work with the psone screen :P

    So now I'm going to use my home pc (450AMD with ATI radeon...) and use the dell as my home pc.

    I'll build a some sort of regulator for the screen and power the pc via inverter (no I'm not going to use a dc --> dc converter because they cost a ****load of money here in finland and no I'm not going to buy anything from eBay)

    I think I'll have to rebuild my subwoofer box in order to fit the computer to the trunk

    Oh yeah...
    Currently I play mp3 music with my creative usb-mp3player thingy... I've got it hooked up through my dodgy pioneer HU:s ip-bus connector! Just sticked some wires to the ip-bus connector and soldered rca connectors to it. Works just fine

    I've soldered a vga cable to the screen and tested it... IT'S WORKING

    Only problem with it is that the screen flickers alot... When I play video it looks fine but all the stuff that doesn't move flickers... I'll have to search if anyone has had the same problem :P

    This is how the screen looks through the composite input:

    Signal from my DVD-player...

    Some day I'll take photos of the vga-mod picture quality...


    Merry Christmas everyone

    And the same in finnish...
    Hyvää Joulua kaikille Suomalaisille

    Not much really happened to the car... I did buy a "new" pc to my house from my school for 50€ (1,2GHz AMD)! So now I can strip up my old pc and start mounting it in the car
    I´ll be posting pictures as I start on that...

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    I'll be posting all the things I do to the first post Easier to read my progress that way...


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      Hey cool, I used to have a 1.4 and they're reasonably fast! That thing used to lean like a ***** on corners though and it had NO GRIP whatsoever - moved to it from a mini, so the difference in cornerning was like night and day! Still loved that car though - so solid and I used to bash things out the way with it :P
      In da club....


      Bunny's first poo
      __ U


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        Get a bodykit on that and transplant a renault 19 16V engine and you got a mean little car there boyo!


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          16V engine would be nice...

          But they are so expensive around here and I would have to upgrade all other parts also :P
          I used to drive around with a GT Turbo model They are very nice cars indeed... Now my brother owns it!

          I was actually considering a -02 Clio 1,2 16V engine transplant Don't just have time right now for bigger projects :P

          As can be seen in the first photo, I've lowered it! Goes through corners much better now Next spring (winter is coming, bummer ) I'm going to put 15" wheels to it. Have to make some modofications to the wheel arches though!

          New paintjob coming someday also...


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            yeah i can see you lowered it. I say stick with those wheels to avoid arch mods. You might get rust problems and those wheels look retro renault cool! Save the money and get some brakes off a clio 172 and a 2 litre engine or if you are running on carbs fit a turbo - 1.2 turbo!


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              Turbo would be nice

              But I'm not going to do any major modifications before I get the paintjob etc. done with the car...
              Besides... putting a clio172 engine in it is impossible with finnish laws And those engines cost ****loads of money over here and I'm going to keep a rather tight budget!

              So now I'll be working with the inside of the car


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                I know of a brand new pug 106 gti/saxo vts engine going for £450 but i suspect shipping would cost a bit.

                seeing as theough you are in rally country convert it to 4wd


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                  mid engine rear wheel drive sounds much nicer


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                    you ever seen a metro 6R4?


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                      Why not an original gtt 1.4 turbo engine ? Not he turbo 2 but just the gtt version..

                      Or an gtx engine, ik have also an gtx, 1.7 90HP, drive's like hell


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                        Originally posted by renault19cabrio
                        Why not an original gtt 1.4 turbo engine ? Not he turbo 2 but just the gtt version..

                        Or an gtx engine, ik have also an gtx, 1.7 90HP, drive's like hell
                        In order to change a GTT engine I would have to find a thrashed GTT from somewhere :P As with the engine I would have to change about everything else also...
                        Besides, I have no interest in making it a fast car!! If I wanted a fast car I would buy one

                        Actually the 1,4 litre engine I'm going to put in it is from a GTX!!
                        GTX models in Finland were equipped with a 1,4 litre engine. Don't know the reason though. Maybe some tax reasons perhaps...

                        On the other hand, I'm considering of selling this car and starting to drive with a clio I've been repairing with my mate. We bought it for 200 and so far spent about the same amount! It needed some work with its brakes and chassis...

                        So maybe the topic will soon be changing into "Finnish Renault Clio (S)low rider"

                        Oh yeah... I also at some point considered a 1,4i engine from a clio to the 5...
                        That could be nice. 80hp and a easy to repair 8 valve system...


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                          Some updating in the first message...