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Holden VX S Commodore (Australia)

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  • Holden VX S Commodore (Australia)

    Currently purchasing's the list of items purchased so far:

    VIA EPIA MII10000
    512MB RAM
    Super 7" VGA Touch Screen
    Spare dash to mould screen into (rather not drive around with no dash!)
    Slim DVD-RW/CD-RW with external USB enclosure
    Kenwood 4x50W RMS amplifier
    4 port Powered USB Hub (up front for touch screen, slotload DVD-RW)
    200GB 3.5" IDE HDD. (If i have trouble with 3.5, then i will switch to 2.5, but thought id give the cheaper option a shot first)

    Total spent so far: ~$1000 AUD.
    Projected spendings: $1,770 AUD - Lets see how much over I go!

    Have currently got my system hooked up to a standard ATX power to test indoors, with a CD drive and old HDD running from the ATX.

    Connected the +12V and SW (Ignition) pins of the M1-ATX to a standard ATX molex connector yellow wire (+12V) and GND on the M1-ATX to the corresponding black wire (Ground) of the molex connector.

    The green and a black wire from the standard ATX connector have been shorted to force the power supply to turn on without having to connect it to a motherboard.

    Have also taken apart the power adapter that came with the 7" screen and disconnected the DC barrel wiring. These wires are then connected to +12V and GND from the ATX (same molex as the M1-ATX is connected to). Powers up the screen for testing.

    Waiting to pick up my XP CD from home before I can install it and start setting up the software side of things.

    Things are finally starting to take shape!
    Jarrod - Holden VX S!

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    Forgot some pics of the car, so here we go:
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    Jarrod - Holden VX S!


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      Where abouts do you plan on mounting the screen, where the stock stereo is, or in that gap underneath it?
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        I did a little test fit of the LCD and slotload DVD-RW a few days ago, and here are some pics of the result.
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        Jarrod - Holden VX S!


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          Few more pics....
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          Jarrod - Holden VX S!


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            I got a stock Holden VT stereo from ebay ($1+shipping ) and detached the face plate of it to use as a fake face to hide the LCD when its not in use. This way the car will look 99% stock (just an older model stereo face) when not in use.

            As you can see in the pics, the fake face plate is missing some buttons (fwd, rew, eject), but i have those sitting on my desk waiting to be glued into place.

            The area where the slotload DVD is installed simply pops open and closed with the push of your finger to access the DVD. Oh..and DVD enclosure will be molded into place so that I dont have to hold it up with my finger all the time

            Not sure if I will end up using the plywood LCD holder as the edges arent too straight. Might just buy some plexi and cut that to shape to create the holder for the LCD bezel. Will plastic weld epoxy glue stuff hold plastic to plywood?
            Jarrod - Holden VX S!


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              Originally posted by Jarrod
              Will epoxy hold plastic to plywood?

              Nice job on the screen concealment,my only concern is that the screen looks a little too far back and too low to see and/or use.
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                When i put the LCD in for the test fit, i put it in further than I needed to to clear the fake face depth, but I could still see all the LCD area from normal driving position, so that shouldnt be an issue. Also adds a little shadow from direct light issues if the LCD was level with the dash.
                Jarrod - Holden VX S!


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                  Looks like its coming along well jarrod.. good to see another commodore owner on here
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                    Thats hilarious how you've chopped the front off the old stereo for the stock look.. Nice one..

                    Clean car but needs to be lowered.. lol
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                      The 'S' looks pretty low as it is, and I'd rather spend my money on the car PC

                      I've now run all the cables for the PC and speakers, man it was a pain to run the speaker wires into the doors...but its all done now.

                      Now I just need to get the computer and amp to work. Seems the amp is dodgy and wont power up...gotta love ebay

                      Having major USB issues with the MII-10000. I can't even get an optical USB mouse to work. The red lights on the mouse flash every few seconds, so seems like its not getting enough power. Maybe the M1-ATX cant handle a 3.5" drive and powering a hub and screen up the front....

                      Wish I had it all done for xmas, but will have to wait til next year now.
                      Jarrod - Holden VX S!


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                        Will post some pics when I get back from holidays (and back to ADSL, man dialup is slow!)
                        Jarrod - Holden VX S!


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                          Hey Jarrod check out Strathfields. Over here in Perth they have a 560w 4 channel amp for $98 (down form 189) nothing special but good enough for what you require.

                          Also the super screen is the Ebay from from hong kong right? What kind of import tax were you slugged with? Total cost all up?

                          Also could you post the dimensions of the screen when it is removed from its enclosure?



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                            I'll post the dimensions when I get back home.

                            As for import tax, I wasn't charged any at all. Same for most Aussies from what I've read.
                            Total cost of screen came to $272 AU I think

                            I will check out strathfields when I get back to Melbourne, hope they still have that sale on!
                            Jarrod - Holden VX S!


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                              You have removed the screen from is enclosure correct? I have 19.5w x 11.5h to play with and no fabrication skills whatsoever so I am hoping this thing just fits