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95 Satern sl1/ photo carputer

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  • 95 Satern sl1/ photo carputer

    Well i have a 95 Satern sl1 that i am going to put a carputer in.
    My needs a some what diffident in that this start with a way to download pics off my cameras cards on trips. Oh sure i like to have mp3, DVDs , games, and GPSS too. The carputer will need to be some what like a laptop in that it will be portable so i can bring it in, plug it in to the network and download the pics on to the pic drive.
    As for functions, this is what I want it to do.
    -USB card reader for downloading pics.
    -Audio file playback
    -Video file playback
    -Video slide show- aka out put to TV or projector
    -Network throe a nic
    -XM integration at some point

    Case: Husky Aluminum tool case- procured
    Donor Case: Old HP case that i am cutting the back wall and tray out of- procured
    Inverter: Colman 200 watt- procured
    PSU: ATX 200 - procured
    WIN HDD: lap-Lap-top 1.6 gig- procured
    HDD: old drives lay around 3.5" - procured
    MB: 550 MHz- on it's way
    Mem: 512MB
    Monitor: Old ctr till tax time- procured
    OS: XP - procured
    GPS antenna -
    Ok so this is a father and son projet so i have been let my kid cut the old donor case down with the dremmel. I figer i need the tray and the back to support the cards and MB. We got the back cut and almost had the tray cutout before my dremmel bit the dust.
    Well thats it for now till i find my jig saw or fix my dremmel.

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    Ok so i was going to put some pics in last night but the site that i have my pics on was down. So here is my kid cutting the tray out of the old HP case down. It was just after i took this pic that the dremel tool put out a big puff of smoke, sparks and then fire!

    Then the mock up of the case with stuff lay out in it. You can see that the back of the old case has been cut down so that the cards will not fall out of the slots! Not included in this shot is the lap-top hard drive that will have windows on it.


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      So i got around to working on the case tonight. I start off using a hole saw for a starter hole. While cutting through the side of the case all this brown powder was coming out of the saw line.

      After i cut the hole i realized that the case is made of hardboard with thick aluminum foil on the outside. It can be cut with a knife.

      The hard board can be cut with a keyhole saw.

      Here is the holes cut with the DVD-ROM and ps.