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samuelellis - 1st car pc, just the ice so far

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  • samuelellis - 1st car pc, just the ice so far

    ello, im currently building myself a car pc but i thought i would show what i have so far

    so far i have in the car
    blaupunkt new york headunit (must be knocking on for 10 years old or so)
    boston accostics 6.5inch front components (mids in the doors, tweeters in the dash)
    mac audio 4ch amp (class A/B) running the front speakers (bridged to 2ch so im gettign about 150 watts to the fronts)
    Audio-System Twister F2>500 amp (class A/B) running the sub - the amp clams about 1200 watts
    Powerbass evolution 12inch sub in a sealed enclosure

    front doors and boot heavily sound-dedened with Dynamat Extreme

    here are some pics of my car and the boot

    the specs of the in car pc im currently testing before fitting are pretty lowly

    700mhz duron
    512mb ram
    20gb hard drive
    geforce 4 graphics card
    no optical drives
    sb16 sound card

    its basically what i had lying round but it will do until i can throw some money at the car

    the screen i intend to mount in the glovebox just on an arm so i can remove ti when needed

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    Nice to see an other Yorkshireman and TA member gong for a car PC!


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      is my car that easily recognised


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        ha another mid-uk'er.

        You'l soon get used to having to type in two languages........

        nice motor
        Lez, more widely known as flez1966