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2000 BMW 328 Ci - Carputer and Audio Overhaul

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  • 2000 BMW 328 Ci - Carputer and Audio Overhaul

    Okay so I recently purchased a 2000 BMW 328 Ci and of couse the first thing I want to do it rip it all apart =]
    So I guess this post will just be my mechanical diary of all that I am looking to do and have done in hopes to help anyone else out. It is a pain to take pictures while you are doing things but if it can help sombody else out eh I might do it =] So here goes.
    I have been reading the forum and for the car computer and replacement audio system. I have my system that I would like mapped out as for the car audio that hasn't been 100% thought through yet. I am thinking of making it a second stage as all this will get quite expensive.

    LCD Touch screen - Xenarc 700TS 7" TFT LCD - $356.98 - PURCHASED

    IBUS Controller – Rolf’s Board - $42.11 - PURCHASED

    · Motherboard & CPU - VIA EPIA M10000 (1 GHz C3 CPU - Nehemiah) 1DDR 1394 Mini-ITX (OEM) - $132.99 - PURCHASED
    o Sound - ONBOARD
    o Video - ONBOARD
    · Power supply - OPUS 120 watt - $105.87 - PURCHASED
    · Slim DVD-ROM/CDRW - $51 - PURCHASED
    · RAM – 512MB pc2100 DDR Low Profile - $42 - PURCHASED
    · Hard Drive – Seagate 100GB 2.5” 5400rpm - $142.80 - PURCHASED
    · Case - Morex 3688 - $78.20 - PURCHASED

    GPS Antenna - BU-353 - $69.99 - PURCHASED

    Wire – Touchscreen power 18 AWG

    · Front Speakers - Kenwood KFC-P705ie 6-3/4" Component System - PURCHASED
    · Rear Deck Speakers - Kenwood KFC-C1739ie 6-3/4" 3-way Speakers - PURCHASED
    · 1 - 200Wx2 Boss Amp - ALREADY OWN

    · 2 - 10" Audiobahn 600W Woofers - ALREADY OWN
    · 600W amp??

    · Wire - 12G Speaker Wire


    1. Play MP3’s
    2. GPS
    3. IBUS
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    Alright so I went out and got my fiberglass materials and started on making a foam mold to house the XENARC that is being shipped. The foam isn't turning out as I had hoped and will probably make a second attempt in clay if it proves to be unworkable.
    Also purchased the GPS antenna today. Next up is the actual hardware for the PC.
    Also I was reading that I might need to buy a new peice for the climate controls for when I move them down a slot and remove the little cubby. Must only be a slight difference because they almost look like you could just pop them out and slide them right in just on space down..
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      Nice car - hats off to you for trying to make your own mould, I hope it works out.
      My install log
      My "selling entire system" thread


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        Use a very dense foam. Go to Home Depot or any lumber yard and look for some blue or pink 1.5 or 2 inch foam. It is very dense. If you needed something thicker, use 3m77 adhesive to glue pieces together. We make all sorts of molds out of the great. Just remember to use an epoxy resin as polyester will attack it.


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          how are you planning on getting some strength from that foam ?
          I remember a post about a guy working on his M3 who did the same thing, but he replaced almost all the foam by epoxy (if memory serves me rightà
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            HARK: Thanks a lot! I figured I would give it a shot and if all else fails buy one. I will definatly be using your log durring the course of my install as well. You will probably be hearing from me at some point

            SeaBeggar: I think I will take your advice and pick up some better foam and just use this one to get used to shaping it and trial and error. Thanks =] And yeah I got the Epoxy kind of resin.

            John: Before putting the fiberglass mat and resin on the mold I was thinking either seal it with something or wax paper or just let it adhere to the mold and just scrape and sand it out. I think the foam will be strong enough to support the mat and resin... I think =]

            Thanks for the comments guys I know there will be plenty of questions I am in no huge rush so I want to do this right


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              My train buddy at work told me that if you want to get rid of foam once the mold is done use gas to disolve the foam. Sounded messy to me but i guess it would work. The gas shouldn't eat through the fiberglass. Hope thats helpfull to someone.
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                Profit: Good idea I will keep that in mind.

                Yeah I scraped the old foam for much nicer denser foam. Looks like it will do the trick to make a fiberglass skeleton and then just slap some bondo on top and just sand the crap out of it to get it right.
                All I need now is to wait for my xenarc to come in so I can tear that apart and fit the screen to the mold... should be interesting... I am thinking of moving my AC controls down a while and getting that part started... I have a feeling I am going to be without music for a while during this project =]
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                  Any Thoughts?

                  So my plan is to take the styrofoam mold and put two layers of fiberglass mat on the top to make a rough frame then either plan on filling in the shell on the inside with peices of fiberglass mat or bondo to where the Xenarc frame will sit on it. Pretty much making a very rough outline and then sanding the crap out of it to get it looking okay. Then put some brackets on it and get it in the car and finish it from there by taking it in and out a few times. Anyone have any comments or suggestions on how this process might be improved?
                  Am I crazy?!
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                    looking really good.


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                      dremel is the #*&% =]

                      Okay so I have now done my first and second applications of fiberglass. The first layer was 2 sheets and I then scraped all the foam out and had a fiberglass shell. Then I put 4 layers of fiberglass on the inside of the shell. So now I have a rough fiberglass shell I am hoping will be my frame. I also separated the Xenarc front frame from the LCD (by by warranty) and hope to put that in there and then just use Bondo filler to create the rest of the frame... I am actually surprised it went as well as it did. It will still need a lot of work but I might actually be able to do this on the first try... If not I have already started on the second foam mold
                      On a side note I went and got a dremel and MAN does that thing kick a$$. I highly recommend it for anyone doing any work like this it saves you an insane amount of time.
                      Next I plan on moving the Climate controls down one slot and starting to get an idea for brackets. I am hoping I can make my own rather than cut the ones off the existing head unit so that I can maybe sell the head unit on ebay or whatnot.
                      Attached is my draft pic for how I will wire things, let me know if you have any input, suggestions or questions. C-ya
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                        I have the exact same car, and am starting to plan my parts/install. Where are you mounting the computer? How are you planning to relocate the climate controls? Are you utilizing the empty space just above the cigarette lighter area for anything?


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                          Originally posted by unstatusthequo
                          I have the exact same car, and am starting to plan my parts/install. Where are you mounting the computer? How are you planning to relocate the climate controls? Are you utilizing the empty space just above the cigarette lighter area for anything?
                          Computer is going to be in the trunk. Battery and speaker wires are there so I figured it will be the easiest.
                          Climate controls are easy to move they just pop out, I need to get a new console peice so they click in right. they don't fit exactly right now.
                          Yes where the sunglass cubby is is where the AC controls will now go.
                          I have made a lot more changes and am starting my install. Not many seemed intrested so i haven't kept this log too up to date. I took some pictures and will probably update once I start wiring things. I ripped out my trunk liner and the two top dins in my dash so far and relocated the AC controls but waiting for the new console peice to make it permanent


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                            eh everybody likes pics...
                            Finished running the wires and put everything back but the camera died.
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                              All done
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