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  • Rj4eva CarPC Install

    I have kindly agreed to do rj's install and fabrication work for him (for a nominal fee ), so I will be posting progress here as i have it. He bought he his car earlier and work starts tomorrow morning before work.

    ETA: 1-2 weeks for completion.

    The dash when new/stock:

    The dash before 'remodelling':

    on with tomorrow!

    (oh, and i'll let rj detail you the spec!)

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    In Car PC Spec:
    Asus Pundit PC - Black
    8" Lilliput Touch Screen 809GL-80NP
    Intel P4 2.4ghz
    512mb DDR Ram
    300GB SATA Hard Drive
    Standard DVD Drive
    D-link Wireless network card
    Creative Sound Blaster XtremeMusic X-fi - Soundcard

    Sound System aka I.C.E:
    JL Audio W7 13.5" Subwoofer in custom made JL Audio Box
    JL Audio 1000/1 amp – Runs the sub
    Focal KP3's 3way components - Rear Speakers
    Focal Utopia 165W 2ways- Front Speakers
    Phoenix Gold 4x200 RMS Amp - Runs the speakers
    Clifford AvantGaurd G5 Alarm

    My Car Full Spec:

    Engine Model: SR20DET
    Type: (RNN14) Turbo / In Line 4 DOHC / 16v
    Displacement: 1998cc
    Max Power Output: 280 BHP (287 BHP on 100 octane Fuel)
    Max Torque: 29.8 / 4800 kgm/rpm
    Bore & Stroke: 86 x 86 mm
    0 to 60: 4.6 secs (ish)
    Compression Ratio: 8.3
    Transmission Type: 5 Speed Manual
    Steering: Rack & Pinion (Power Assist w/Tilt)
    Suspension System: 4-Wheel Independant with front MacPherson Struts - Parallel links with Rear Struts
    4 Wheel Drive System: With viscous coulping, center differential and visous LSD
    Brakes: Heavy duty front ventilated disc brakes and rear disc brakes. 4 Sensor, 2 Channel electronic anti lock braking system is available.
    Wheels: 17" Aluminium
    Turbo Boost Level: 1.4
    Asus Pundit PC
    8" Lilliput Touch Screen
    P4 2.8ghz 512mb 120gb

    Sub: JL Audio 13.5" with JL Audio 1000/1 amp
    Rear Speakers: Focal KP3's 3way components
    Front Speakers: Focal Utopia 165W 2ways
    Phoneix Gold 4x200 RMS Amp
    Clifford AvantGaurd G5 Alarm


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      ok, long post! was unwell today, so rather than go to work, i worked on the screen fabrication. good for you guys... loads of pics!

      lets go on.

      Firstly, the screen. Pulled apart.

      and the dash itself

      at this point i encountered my FIRST headache. The screen was too big for the hole. hrmmm...

      ok, so with this in mind, i though fook it! cust the dash anyways and see if I can make it fit

      no such luck!

      so off with the buttons! and try again...

      a lot better, but still fooked....
      so i tried to tack it in to the very thin bottom bar i cut down to a much smaller size

      not good enough in my opinion! so out with the bottom bar and try AGAIN!

      at this point i forgot to take a photo, but eventually it went well and i tacked it in from behind. I also moved it over slightly cos it fitted better, this however, left me with the pain in the *** of the big gap.

      fill it? would take too long! so I got some thick fiberboard and bent it carefully to the shape of the dash. put it in the place, held it in and:


      some more:


      not finished yet though!

      so, on with the fiberglass filler first!

      smooth it down and on with the first rough layer of 'smooth' filler.


      thats all for today! hope you enjoy. tips and help are welcome (like i need it :P) and on with TOMORROW!


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        ok, so generally just tidying, filling and sanding work today. still, loads done.


        yesterday finished with a raw, unsanded and rough layer of filler on the previously laid and shaped hardboard. so first - SAND IT!

        after sanding i had to think about what to do with the bottom of the screen. I cut out the bar that was there to make it fit, but now it wasnt as structurally sound as i'd like, as well as looking like its just flimsy and 'missing something'.

        So I found a bar of ...... something. I put it in for a test fit....


        want to know what the donor was?

        Thats right, a hangar! lol! just broke out the middle bar to the right length and pushed it in, it was perfect for the job!

        At this point, i thought it was a good time for a test fit of the screen


        so after that it was all about glassing in the bottom bar and refilling and sanding the rest. not too exciting, but pics of the result are attatched.

        I must say, im impressed :d

        thats all for today, im off to the TA for parade tonight so work will continue tomorrow.

        comments guys!!!


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          Lookin good. I like the step by step pics.

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          i think every thread is now a whoreing thread


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            hurrah! finished 99.9% of the sanding and filling! (only got to put a guide coat on to see the rest.

            here it is after the guide coat of acrylic (shiny i know, but only as a primer)

            I am so impressed! My best work yet. A few bits that need a tiny bit of wetsanding more and the odd pinhole to fill but all in all, its ready for final painting!

            Its onto the rest of the install in the car as soon as this is done!

            comments please!


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              ok, so almost completely done! just a few more wetsands and sprays with the satin black and all will be great! btw, heres the colour match of the satin black:

              at this point it got rainy and horrible outside so a halt to the painting came.

              however, i got ancy and decided to get an idea of the screen fit

              enjoy. i certainly did ... (and yes, i know there are a few blips - being sorted)

              and the whole thing!

              please guys! feedback!


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                well, i thought i would take a few better, lighter photos

                still with screen in, but as above, needing a few more coats of paint and wetsands with 1500.


                finished by friday for sure, will probably do 99% of the main pc install, wiring etc on saturday.


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                  Yoooooo this is lookin SWEEET

                  Cant wait to see if it in da flesh

                  Keep up the good work man, looking very professional
                  Asus Pundit PC
                  8" Lilliput Touch Screen
                  P4 2.8ghz 512mb 120gb

                  Sub: JL Audio 13.5" with JL Audio 1000/1 amp
                  Rear Speakers: Focal KP3's 3way components
                  Front Speakers: Focal Utopia 165W 2ways
                  Phoneix Gold 4x200 RMS Amp
                  Clifford AvantGaurd G5 Alarm


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                    Wow - this is some excellent work man. I'll be adding this to the site within the next few days. Keep up the great work!

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                      update, ive done more than the pics show, but i forgot to take pics. will take more tomorrow morning.

                      anyways, ive changed batteries, put one in the boot, and put the pc under the passenger seat (very tight squeeze).

                      most importantly, the screen went in the dash - only pics i have right now are when it was held in by 3 screws, but it has been secured now - just no pics.

                      pics? ok



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                        Looks hevi m8 let me know when its time for me to collect.
                        Cant wait.....
                        Asus Pundit PC
                        8" Lilliput Touch Screen
                        P4 2.8ghz 512mb 120gb

                        Sub: JL Audio 13.5" with JL Audio 1000/1 amp
                        Rear Speakers: Focal KP3's 3way components
                        Front Speakers: Focal Utopia 165W 2ways
                        Phoneix Gold 4x200 RMS Amp
                        Clifford AvantGaurd G5 Alarm


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                          got the tiniest bit of wiring and finishing to do, so im gonna get a whole host of pics up tomorrow.


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                            well, ****. i fking hate this **** now. got to the final bit to test the lilliput in the car, and...... WHITE SCREEN OF DEATH. great, research shows dodgy ribbon cable, wiggling around of cable proves it. then, all of a sudden... bzzzzzt! we see sparks from a dodgy part on the lcd motherboard. ffs, can nothing go right?!?!?! so at this point, after 5 hours of ******* about with the lilli we give up, dejected and ****ed RIGHT off. I want to cry right now. 2 weeks of hard graft and its down the pan.

                            rj has taken his car home now after a very long wait whilst we BOTH tried to fix it. its over, hopefully rj will finish up whats been started.



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                              BUT, you've got all the fabricating work out of the way! just get a new screen.. Fabrication looks fantastic by the way
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