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mazda MX6 carpc being installed

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  • mazda MX6 carpc being installed

    well today i finally started workin on the dash!

    got most of the parts

    gonna buy a few things tomorrow

    here r some pics

    i am having some new ideas for radio! as i want some sort of radio!

    might get digital and add it 2 the pc in that case will have to get amps

    or keep my current radio "SOMEWHERE"

    it wont fit in the ashtry area a bit bigger and there's the ECU! but will give it a shot soon see if i can work something out there

    ok in the 2 spaces between the moitor and the dash am gonna have a USB plug and Audio in. spaces filled with Body filler as its easier 2 work with and should be strong enough

    here u go

    please comment
    i need some ideas and stuff

    as u can see the top part on the LCD is sticking out a bit thats cuz the plastic behind needs a bit more cutting and sanding down! could'nt finish it as my flatmates are sleeping... will do it tom tho can't wait...


    93 MAZDA MX6 KLZE (sold :( )
    2005 STI :)

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    you have pictures of the car itself? thats a sweet steering wheel.


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      thats a PC steerer mate.
      2005 Nissan Xtrail
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        haha yes
        that is my ps2's jaguar F1 steering wheel!! i wish i can have it in my car
        but its plastic!! haha
        pics of my car:

        93 MAZDA MX6 KLZE (sold :( )
        2005 STI :)


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          ok today was more like "learning about body filler" day!!

          so the 1st time i just hooked up the USB and audio put some of that filler fixed it with hardner all good

          1 hour later checked it out and it was hard! tired to test it but it wasn't glued hardenough and just peeled off!!!!
          so i figured i didn't put enough harder

          another mix and a lot more hardner!! was putting it on the monitor face (without the usb or audio) and it got hard while i was putting it on!! crazy hardner!!!

          so made another one with less hardner and its good
          here r some pics from the day

          i got smokey GREY paint
          and primer

          but forgot to get the lacquer!! DAMN IT!!

          looks like am gonna be sanding for a while!!

          some ppl told me that the bodyfiller is not a good idea and that it will crack in less than a day??
          i did a bit of sanding and it looks ok to me
          not sure...

          93 MAZDA MX6 KLZE (sold :( )
          2005 STI :)


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            You didn't use filler to tack that screen to the dash did you....? You seem to be using an awful lot of filler too - it's easier to build up than to take off!
            Your stockist should be able to recommend something to fill the deeper gaps, then use P38 to finish the surface.
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              yes i did use filler
              y not?

              i did a bit of sanding not too bad really!!

              the gaps r gonna be filled with USB and audio then rest of the space! donno yet! thinking of filler!
              any better ideas
              i am sure there r ! this is my 1st attempt!

              oh and bondo is not filler i am guessing!!!
              93 MAZDA MX6 KLZE (sold :( )
              2005 STI :)


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                thanks for the info! i've already started and got the stuff
                so might as well do it with it and see how bad it goes!! its my 1st attempt
                and am sure am gonna fail the 1st time and do 2nd and 3rd attempts
                don't mind wasting time as long as i learn something new
                for the big spaces i think am going to use something else not bondo as it will crack there a lot easier! thinking of getting some sort of liquid plastic! i've used it before and its really good but it needs 12 hours to dry!! and is a lot A LOT harder to sanddown!! anyways after work lastnight i did 45 mins of sanding down
                i must say its better than i thought it would be
                as u can see from the picture its not THAT bad hehe
                i would say another hour or a bit more and it will be ready for adding a few touches here and there

                what do u think?

                93 MAZDA MX6 KLZE (sold :( )
                2005 STI :)


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                  Gotta love a KLZE!!!!!


                  I just put the same motor in my MX-3 Project car (same one my carPC is in). I had to use an MS8 manifold because the straight neck manifold would hit my brake booster.

                  2011 Nissan Frontier SL
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                    yeah klze kicks ***!!
                    i had an mx3 and wanned to drop a klze in but it would've cost me way too much money
                    and figured just buy the mx6 imported from japan with the klze
                    its a nicer drive than the mx3 too!
                    but the mx3 would be quicker with a klze
                    still both cars are really nice
                    93 MAZDA MX6 KLZE (sold :( )
                    2005 STI :)


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                      Not to go off topic.
                      But it cost me <1K for a ZE I built/rebuilt.
                      Since the parts are the same..
                      US millenia block/heads/Intake manifold.
                      JDM KL31 cams, and KLZE 10:1 CR pistons.
                      Block off the EGR.. slap on a KL36 ECU.. Full ZE. . And oh yes its REALLY fast!
                      I have a while MX-3 also, its a 4cl, and is slow
                      I assume you have KL01 cams? I had a KFZE, swapped it to a ZE.
                      You have the JDM power folding mirrors? I have a set I picked up on a ebay a few years ago and put them on my GS.

                      Are you on probetalk/ or
                      2011 Nissan Frontier SL
                      AMD X3 2.2 | M4-ATX | 16Gb SSD | 2GB DDR3-1333 | MSI GF615M-P33 MB
                      OBDPROS USB | BU-303 GPS l LILLIPUT TS | Car2PC adapter | XM Direct | USB Dual band N with custom mag-mount antenna.


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                        no no i live in the UK
                        i actually have a whole japanese car!!
                        i am on and and probetalk!!
                        in the uk its soooo much more expencive to do swaps buy jdm engine insurance and all that stuff! i wish i lived in the states!!
                        my name on all forums is the same rasheedn

                        oh and my car has 4ws and auto climate control
                        93 MAZDA MX6 KLZE (sold :( )
                        2005 STI :)


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                          alright alright

                          its starting to look a lot better now

                          sanded down a lot

                          added another later

                          sanded that down

                          added usb and audio input

                          sanded down

                          and now its smooooooooth and i mean REALLY smooooth
                          tom primer
                          i think 2layers r gonna be fine! i ca'nt find any of heckler's docs i donno what happened 2 his profile but they would've been helpful!!damn it

                          anyways 2 layers primer
                          with a bit of sanding ofcourse! to make sure its smooooth baby!
                          then paint
                          will see how many layers 2 i think
                          wet sand i think?

                          am just testing here hehe
                          and then lacquer 2 layers as well!
                          PC all parts are there
                          i still need an amp
                          and have no idea what to buy or anything about them! so gonna need 2 learn about them and how 2 hook up all my CRAPPY speakers 2 it sounds like fun! my plan is to have it ready before next friday!!
                          here r the pics
                          comments please
                          and yes i did use filler only! i don't care if it cracks! i already started with it
                          so might as well finish ! whole thing turns [shizzle]! so what i learnt a lot and will do it with something else next week hehe
                          but one comment! sanding is [shizzle]! my fingers r all not moving a lot anymore!!
                          but it was worth it! and it still is

                          93 MAZDA MX6 KLZE (sold :( )
                          2005 STI :)


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                            ok so i put 2 layers of primer yesterday (its colourless! donno y the guy gave me that!)
                            anyways it looked good 2 me!
                            so today after waking up with a huge hangover! i sprayed 1st layer of paint!
                            and oh damn! every single scratch shows!! seriously every tiny one! so i sanded down some parts and then put some more filler tiny tiny layers on top of the scratches and holes! gonne wait till tom
                            will sand it down again and put some more primer(thin layer) and paint again!!
                            btw this is the 1st time i actually do anything like this! so its not too bad! some areas are really good but it just needs more paint and a bit of here and there touches!
                            here r some pics

                            93 MAZDA MX6 KLZE (sold :( )
                            2005 STI :)


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                              looking good so far, hope the paint turns out nice.
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