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2000 Ford Focus Project

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  • 2000 Ford Focus Project

    Hi everyone... I'm Sérgio Antunes, from Madeira Islands - Portugal - Europe.

    I've been following lots of projects, specially Stevie's Ford Focus, which I think turned out very well.

    I have to confess, my project will be aimed to result very similar to Stevie's, since after lots of considerations, found out to be probably the best setup for a Ford Focus.

    My main considerations were about where to put the screen, 'cause I find very hard to include the lilliput screen in the facia. The roof mounted screen was also an interesting idea, but due to not knowing what to do with the original headunit, that idea was put aside. Another way could be installing a motorized 1din screen, with the 1din adapter for ford's 1,8din original headunit slot. But still, this has the problem of, when opened, the screen covers air shafts, clock and hazard button.

    This is what I dicided... I HAVE to get the screen like in Stevie G's car. So, i tried to find a 7" screen that fitted without having to modify that much (removing the hazard button). has a 7" touchscreen that seems to fit my needs. This looks like a new screen (Model: CTF700), with auto-on feature, ir remote, audio (!?) and rear cam input. LCD Panel is indicated as being 154 x 93 mm. Ford Focus 1,8 din slot is about 183mm x 98mm.. So, this seems to solve my problem... Hopefully.

    Well... The game has begun for me... Bye All

    Sérgio Antunes
    SÚrgio Antunes
    Madeira Islands - Portugal