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  • 2003 Corvette Z-06

    Greetings from Orlando, FL. I am just getting a new pc put together for the install in my vette. Attached are a few pictures of the case. Better ones to follow. I had the case made for my by I believe they are in Canada, very nice people, great product, I highly recommend them. The only problem was it took weeks to arrive via their default courrier. If I had known I would have gladly paid a little more to have it shipped 2-3 day express. The previous pc in my old car was a mini-itx case, a very tight fit for the motherboard and ps. This time around I wanted something roomy that would fit every little ancillary circuit board etc.

    This is my first attempt at a new thread, I hope I clicked on the right things.

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    Lookin good so far. Where will it be installed, the trunk? (Not sure where all the spaces are in vettes). And is that a little lcd unit in the box?

    Anyway, nice seeing someone else from Orlando on here. I'm from there, currently in Tallahassee for college.
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      ORLANDO!!! lol

      I thought I was the only one! heh

      Nice pc! keep us updated on the rest of the installation!



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        Thanks for the quick responses guys. It will go somewhere in the trunk, I haven't decided whether to flush it into the floor well, put it in the side behind the wheelwell, or mount it vertically on some kind of partition/speaker box. The LCD is a module from it has a single A/D, a relay, and accepts Dallas Semiconductor DS18S20 temperature sensors. It will accept up to 16 sensors connected via a single twisted pair cable (all in parallel). I currently have about 10 sensors epoxied to various chips inside the case, the other sensors will go into the amps, one for the air conditioner, and one for outside temp perhaps.