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  • 95' Saturn Sedan

    My saturn has been with me for a few years now and I want to make it a little bit nicer for myself so of course I need a carputer.

    This is what I am starting with, except I have a different deck.(stole image from google)

    Now after a night I have turned that fully assembled dash into this.

    I, like everyone else, have plans on what I want to do.

    Now I am driving with my car like the second image until my next day off.
    My 95' Saturn Project

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    At it again

    Well I found some more time and got adventurous so I decided to put in a security alarm. Seems good so far, won’t give any specs for security reasons.

    Also the fm modulator that I ordered came today. I need it because my stereo does not have audio inputs. This one plugs directly in line with the antenna. It sounds good and doesn't interfere with other stations.

    I also have closed off the center console air vents to put my screen there. I used a method that is basically paper mache. Roll of heavy duty paper towels and wood glue. With the wood glue it is seemingly unbreakable.
    My 95' Saturn Project


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      Looks like you are having fun. Do you plan on molding everything into place now? What are you going to do with the rear defrost switch?

      BTW, you got a SOHC or DOHC?
      2007 Honda Fit Sport 1.5L SOHC-VTEC


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        title goes here

        Well I think I am going to make a bezel to hold everything that would include the switch for the defog computer and fm modulator. Don't know how yet but yeah I'll figure out soon.

        And the car is a single over head cam.
        My 95' Saturn Project


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          That is all (except for the part where I tell you the screen and mount are for sale)
          Debt as of 1/1/05: $34,354.48
          Debt as of July 4, 2007: $0.00 explanation
          I'M DEBT FREE!!
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            Was thinking about doing that

            I thought about doing that but then I rememberd that I wanted to have my deck in place as well. So I decided to rip out the vents and use the new space. Most of my day to day driving is too short to get much use out of just a computer, but with a deck and comp I am set
            My 95' Saturn Project


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              techy. i have few comments.
              1. wizards mount looks awesome you should buy it
              2. you can always put the deck somewhere else hidden.
              3. your radio DOES have aux input you need to order a part called cdb10 i think, trust me return the fm modulator and get the cdrb10
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                I hate to disappoint you but I am going to keep going with my original idea.

                Unfortunately I am having some major problems with getting XP on the computer.

                I am starting to think it is the motherboard because I have tried switching: power supplies, hard drives, xp disks, mouse/keyboards, ide cables and ports, master/slave jumpers, monitors and nothing worked until I used a different motherboard from my main computer.

                I am using a VIA EPIA M10000 Mini-ITX Mainboard I can't find anywhere that says problems with this board and xp.

                So yeah everything else in the project has stopped
                My 95' Saturn Project


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                  I think I have solved the mystery. I think bad ram is to blame. I stole a stick out of my main computer and tried to load xp one more time, there was not one problem.

                  Now to wait for the next problem to stop my efforts.
                  My 95' Saturn Project


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                    So I did some more work

                    First I want to show you the mouse/trackball that I will be using for more "touchy" applications. This laptop was 5 bucks and the trackball was connected with a ps/2.

                    I took a side of an old computer and made it into a cake pan/computer case.

                    The problems with the CF lic file messed me up last night, more to come.
                    My 95' Saturn Project


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                      Hey guess what I am in the car right now, Everything is hooked up and working. I have a bit of noise on the audio but I hope that is just grounding issues. And by the way I don’t have a spot to connect anything else into my radio, but thanks for the suggestion. I have to get better at typing on the screen.

                      Edited on home pc, made it readable.
                      My 95' Saturn Project


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                        Kewl, looks like you're having fun.



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                          Do you remember the first time you had your first look at your computer running in your car. This is mine.

                          Then I got into some fiberglassing, what a mess, but it is well on its way to becoming decent.

                          I also have my computer hooked up to the left button next to the defrost switch.

                          I am now finishing the fiberglassing and then will throw some filler and sand it all nice and perdy. Then put some paint and hope it looks nice.

                          More to come...
                          My 95' Saturn Project


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                            I hope your not going to sell the car soon...looking good.


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                              need some help

                              I'm tring to hook up a cd player in my car but nothing is working did you have
                              a color gudie to what color wires goes where?