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'02 Acura RSX-S - AOpen Pandora project

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  • '02 Acura RSX-S - AOpen Pandora project

    Ok guys - I think I'm ready to take the plunge...

    Thanks to n7plus1's work on his RSX dash, and Kalt's glovebox install of the Pandora - I think I'm ready to go.

    Here's my shopping list, as of now:
    • AOpen Pandora MiniPC MP915-B
    • Pentium M 1.4 OR Celeron M 1.5 -- Suggestions? Pent worth the $$?
    • 512 MB Ram
    • Toshiba 60GB (MK6034GAX) 2.5inch 5400rpm 16MB Cache HDD
    • Carnetix CNX-P1900
    • Xenarc 700TSV
    • 4-Port Powered USB Adapter
    • B/T dongle of some sort (USB) -- Suggestions?
    • Wifi Antenna (USB) -- Suggestions?
    • GPS Antenna (This one, probably... still looking)
    • S/W: XP Home, Road Runner, iGuidance

    I plan to use the system for MP3, DVD, Divx, B/T (handsfree w/phone, etc.), limited internet access, and Navigation.

    Another note - Boot time, and resume from Hibernation/Standby is especially important to me. Ideally, I'd like it to resume < 5 seconds, with a < 15 second cold boot time.

    I have not yet bought anything, because I want to get the best deal and try to bundle shipping - or see if I can find some used stuff on here. I welcome, AND NEED, any and all suggestions. If you guys see a problem I overlooked, or have a suggestion about my configuration, please let me know. I plan on starting to buy this stuff some time early next week.

    Thanks to , many of you have been a tremedous help so far, and I thank everyone that contributes to this forum. If it weren't for you guys, n00bs like me would be buying a Pioneer!

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    Hey there InHoc, good luck on your endeavor. I too am going to take the Aopen MiniPC plunge.

    If you are looking for parts, Kalt is running into some hard times and he is going to sell his Aopen MiniPC setup. Poor guy.


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      Yeah - sucks about Kalt. I'm pretty sure he has sold almost everything.


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        I forgot to add one more thing on the list. Sound Qualiy is very important to me, so to ensure my system doesn't sound like a tin can, I believe I'm going to go with the Audigy 2 NX external USB sound card. That also means I need a few more USB ports as well. I hope the CNX1900 will be enough to power everything. We'll see...


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          AOpen Pandora MP915-B -- --------------$267.82
          Intel Pentium M 740 1.73 gHz -- Ebay -------------------- $105.00
          Xenarc 700TS -- Ebay ---------------------------------- $172.98
          Windows XP Home w/SP2 -------------------- Have-------$0
          Toshiba 80GB, 5400RPM, 16MB Cache -- -- $112.00
          (2) 1/8" -> RCA cables ----------------- greenMan100 --- $5.00
          Audigy 2 NX External USB Sound Card -- LESLIEx317537 -- $79.95

          To buy:
          Ram - 512MB DDR2 SDRAM So-DIMM -- Ebay or
          Carnetix P1900 w/5v adapter --
          DVI -> VGA cable -- RadioShack?
          Serial -> USB cable -- RadioShack?

          WiFi Antennae
          B/T dongle

          I'm skeptical of the Xenarc at that price, but it comes w/ a non-DOA warranty and 1000+ feedback for the seller. Supposedly "gently used" and never installed in a car. We'll see...


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            hey man be careful installing this carpc. I installed mine the other day and i believe i blew my ECU is blown. And i got K-pro you know that costs like 1100.


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              What happened? Did you not disconnect the battery or something?


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                wires touched each other we figured it out. Many fuses were blown. Keep an eye out for fuse #9 under the hood. It's the BCM fuse and the BCM is like a 400-600 module that controls a bunch of stuff on the interior i believe. Let me know if you need help if things go wrong. I've encountered like every electrical problem in the last couple days lol. I finally got it all running


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                  P1900-Pandora trick


                  I installed my Pandora/P1900/Lilliput system this weekend. One thing Carnetix Mike and I discovered today is that you have to use the ACPI interface off of JP3 for the Pandora...the ACPI interface on JP2 doesn't flip the on/off switch. I mention this because it drove me bat**** for an entire day and it's not real clear in any of the P1900 documentation (yet...Mike will probably update at some point). If you're not far enough along for this to make sense yet, just remember it for when you start wiring stuff up and then it will make perfect sense.

                  BTW, I am pretty happy with the P1900/Pandora setup so far. I think you'll like it.
                  For sale:
                  AOpen Pandora MiniPC


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                    Thanks guys - Everything should come in this week, and I'll get started (hopefully) this weekend. Just figured out the Xenarc I bought has a serial connection for the touchscreen (instead of USB) - gotta order an adapter, if one exists. Hopefully USB 1.1 will work w/the touchscreen...


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                      Okay - Everything is bought/being shipped.

                      Here is the complete list (Prices include shipping, etc.):
                      • Aopen Pandora ---- --- $267.82
                      • Xenarc 700TS ----- Ebay -------------- $172.98
                      • 80GB HDD --------- ---- $112.00
                      • Pentium M 740 ---- Ebay --------------- $105.00
                      • 2.5 External Case - Ebay ---------------- $10.89
                      • Audigy 2 NX ------ LESLIEx317537 ------- $79.95
                      • (2)1.8" -> RCA ---- greenman100 -------- $5.00
                      • DVI -> VGA ------- Knux11 --------------
                      • Carnetix P1900 ---- Knux11 --------------
                      • 512 MB Ram ------- Knux11 -------------- $140.00
                      • Carnetix CNX-P5V - MP3Car -------------- $34.10
                      • Aopen Wifi Card --- ----- $39.34
                      • Total ----------------------------------- $967.08

                      Need to get:
                      - Random hardware (connectors, plugs, etc.) -- Local
                      - BU-353 GPS Mouse -- Ebay probably
                      - Serial -> USB adapter -- Local

                      I'll get pictures of the car sometime soon. I can't wait to get started.

                      Quack - Be ready, I hope your PM box is empty

                      Oh yeah - Anyone know of a good/cheap soldering iron I can pickup locally? I really don't need it for much, just the few things I have to do with this project.


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                        I'll be happy to help. Looks like a great setup
                        For sale:
                        AOpen Pandora MiniPC


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                          Originally posted by InHoc
                          Oh yeah - Anyone know of a good/cheap soldering iron I can pickup locally? I really don't need it for much, just the few things I have to do with this project.
                          The $6 radio shack special,along with the $2 tube of solder.....or at home depot they have a 35w weller with a stand for $13,but their solder roll is kinda spendy.
                          P.S. Don't forget some shrink tube while you're at it,nothing worse than having cheap electrical tape fall off and short out connections a few months down the road.
                          Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic - Arthur C. Clarke


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                            hey guys
                            is Xenarac worth the $100 more than lilliput ts?


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                              I don't know yet - I should be able to tell you soon. From what I found on this site, the Xenarc is more reliable, brighter, and has better support. I found a good deal, otherwise, I probably would have bought a lilliput.