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2004 Hyundai Tiburon

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  • 2004 Hyundai Tiburon

    After much research, I'm finally beginning my CarPC project.

    Hardware List
    o Innovatek TM-702L 7 LCD screen
    o AOpen Pandora MiniPC (Intel 1.73GHz/512DDR/80G HDD/wireless kit)
    o Carnetix P1900 DC-DC power supply
    o Cirque EasyCat USB touchpad (custom mounted)
    o Griffin Powermate controller (custom mounted)
    o Powered USB Hub

    Green = purchased
    Red = Needed

    Currently, my audio setup involves the following:

    - Sony Xplod 500Watt amplifier
    - Sony Xplod MP40 AM/FM/CD/MP3 head unit
    - Sony Xplod 12 1200Watt Subwoofer
    - Custom lighted amp enclosure

    I've done a lot of looking around to decide on the system to use. Initially, I was super excited when I found out about the Mac Mini. I have a perfect spot that will fit just above the mission plate where it could fit. This way I could retain my DIN multigauges, as well as a single-DIN LCD display.

    The only problem? I've never used a Mac in my life. No sweat, I'm a computer geek, how hard can it be?

    So off I went to start pricing Minis. That is, until I came across the AOpen Pandora. Virtually the same size, plus a wider variety of front-end applications. I'm still pretty torn about the route to go, but I'm definitely leaning towards the Pandora system.

    I purchased a TM-702L screen, which I'll use while waiting to get a Lilliput touchscreen. I also snagged a Griffin Powermate (silver) for a great price locally.

    I intend to custom-mount a Cirque EasyCat USB Touchpad into the center console for mouse support, in conjunction with the PowerMate.

    I will be running the audio through the AUX IN of my headunit. I will need to get a new HU with AUX IN, as my current HU does not have AUX IN.

    Hopefully if all goes well, it should be completed by early- to mid-April. I have some other priorities that will have to be obliged first (ie: get my body kit painted), but then I can devote full attention to the CarPC for the upcoming car shows.

    Any comments and/or suggestions welcome
    - Chris

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    Keep us updated and start posting pictures as soon as you got em'.
    7 inch Lilli TS in dash, Epia M10000, 200GB HD, 512MB Ram, USB WIFI, DVD/CD-RW, GPS


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      U have pics updates yet?


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        Edit: I know its an old thread - but hey - he should be finished now.