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05 MKIV Jetta aka The Ninja

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  • 05 MKIV Jetta aka The Ninja

    Been here for a long, long while, but just recently bought my parts and have gotten a new car to try this out on. I first got started in Car pc a while ago whenever I found a canadian site that allowed you to purchase carpc's and then later found this forum. Which is all great and dandy. I am sure no one wants a life story so here is the low down.

    I have:

    The Jetta aka the Ninja

    Full Size Desktop PC case, aluminum: I chose this because I wanted something bigger that I could use later on if I decided and could customize it more.

    Opus 150 watt Power Supply: I hear good things, does what I want, though it hasn't been connected yet.

    Epia M10000 Mobo: This is my second Epia mobo, my first was the old C3 which was used in a small mac mini esque plexiglass home media pc that got killed during a lightning storm.

    1GB Rosewill Ram

    Lite-On CD-Rw/DVD combo drive: I don't need to burn DVD's in the car. This is going to be placed above my lcd indash.

    Lilliput 7" TS: Everyone knows this lcd. Right now it is in pieces being trimmed to fit my original trim cage.

    Rosewill Slim Wireless Keyboard and Mouse: Just in case I need to write a paper on the drive to school. (I drive 45 minutes each day.)

    AirNet PCI Wireless: Uh... it was cheap... probably wont be installed on the first run. I will wait for another USB wifi dongle.

    Also being installed: 2 5.6" Audibahn lcd's into the headrest to be connected with a switch between the PC and a Xbox360.

    5.6" LCD's: Being installed into the headrest. Using a switch and vga-rca cables, switching between the carpc and the Xbox should be a breeze.

    Xbox 360: Using an inverter (Ugh!), I am making a fiberglass enclosure to be fit behind my backseat headrest.

    Current Progress:

    Today (3/16/06):

    I have slimmed down my lcd casing to fit my original trim case better, still working on the fabrication to fit the whole lcd casing without taking it completely apart. I am thinking of fiberglassing a larger case to hold the LCD case after slimming and molding to make sure everything stays inside. I haven't seemed to figure out how everyone installs the lcds in the front yet. I have the PC mostly built, just needs to be connected and tested. One Headrest is cut and ready to have the headrest installed. Later today, I am installing the 360 in a temporary location and the two headrest, also running the wires for my power supply, lcd, and dvd drive. I have everything for the 5v regulator for sound, just needs to be built. One last thing I am doing is taking the side buttons off the top above the trim cage, where the emergency flasher is on the MKIVs, taking those unused buttons and inserting female USB ports for easy USB intergration, like flash drives, bluetooth right there, ipod, etc you know the crap. Anyways I will post some pictures up tomorrow after the 360/Headrest installation is finished and show some progress on my dash LCD. Sorry no pics tonight, I am just doing this at random. But what fun!
    The Ninja CarPC

    Epia M10000
    1GB Ram
    160GB Desktop HDD
    Slim Cd-rw/DVD Drive
    7" Lilliput TS
    Opus 150W
    PCI Wifi (being replaced by USB)
    Xbox 360
    2 Headrest Audiobahn 5.6" lcd

    2005 MKIV Jetta a.k.a. The Ninja