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2000 VW Passat GLX V6 2.8 CarPC Project

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  • 2000 VW Passat GLX V6 2.8 CarPC Project

    Hi. I've been reading this forum for over 6 month and after several dreams about my Car PC i got idea how to do it.
    I have VW Passat, i found few instalations which i would make as source for mine. Yesterday my car looked like this:

    At this time i got:
    Pentium II 350MHz (i wanted to use Pentium III 600 but i had problem with powering it)

    Motherboard - i think that is Gigabyte with Slot 1

    Memory - 256 MB SDRAM will be enoght

    HDD - now i got 20GB for testing, i will install something about 100GB

    PSU - M2ATX... yeah... thats what i like. 160W is enought for powering this system.... it's consumes apprx. 30-40W so its not bad.

    Optical Drive - now i have none... but im thinking about Pioneer DVD slot load.

    Screen - Liliput 7" i think that it was the best choice.

    Audio - Sound Blaster MP3+ USB .... i use to had this hooked up to my laptop (zero noises). Im going to connect it to Monsoon amp and also to my Sony Xplod 1200W amp.

    now... how my setup looks on my desk....

    .... first case... just for testing purposes....

    ...and today i decided to install some cables i finally tried to start it up in my

    tommorow i will take care of sound, because i have none at all.... i also need to make a power rail to PSU because today i connected to jump starter.

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    Good Job!!!!


    I'm waiting for final!!

    just you suppose to change the hdd to 2.5'. You know why.

    one more time GOOD JOB!!


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      hay what's up? Glad to see anothe B5 in here. a Few tips that i have gathered during my trials. A slot load slim laptop dvd-drive or comparable will fit in the place of the cupholder. exact height, so yu can moun it there... the lilliput should be able to fit into the double din housing you have, with few or no modifications. where will you mount the pc? I used to have it in the left sde compartment in the trunk. Taking out the factory bazel that held the cd-changer, and various items was a bich. it holds in place with like 20 screws...

      anyways, glad to see another B5, and maybe you'll get me inspored to continue my own project. (read= restart)

      Have fun while in process, and if you need any help, LMK


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        Some Progress...

        Yeah....over a weekend i did some useful things for my CarPC.... First i tried to install LCD firmly to prevent any damage of it.

        Next thing was to connect sound card to speakers in my car... all right... i was so lazy and i just put my head unit to the glow box and i used FM tuner... quality sucks...

        I changed little bit mounting of my hard drive... i used.... old PCI graphic card, i riped of all metal connectors and IC's from the board and taped with two side tape to this card and for make sure that it is going to stay where i want i put two plastic cramps.

        Whole set looks like this:

        All right... today i found some free time to find out how to connect my sound card to speakers... here it is.... i needed to connect from sound card to two amps: Monsoon and my Sony Xplod... so... i found on forum that the Monsoon needs +5V on left ground to turn on, so i said: not big deal, i got 5V regulator , ground loop isolator from RadioShack... and finally i heard music... now... i didn't found how to turn off the monsoon amp ... the thing is that it's require short Left Ground to the chassis. So... now i think... when PC turns on i have to inject 5V and when turn off it need GND.... hmm... yeah!!! RELAY!! quickly i found old ISA analog modem, got my solder gun i in 2 minutes i got what i needed. Finally i build circuit which when gets 12V from M2ATX ... it gives me 5V to the amp... and when turns off... shorts to GND. Easy but i was not able to find this anywhere.

        So i connected my Xplod amp and now i got good sound but im thinking about install some preamp between sound card and amp to take control over the volume and to amplify signal little bit.
        I also cleaned up some cables behind the screen because was terrible to even find some cable or find out which goes where.

        Now im fighting with Road Runner because is kind a slow on my machine (is it really PII 350MHz not enought??). I hope next week i will make some case for it and install in the trunk.


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          You got some real slick fanage going on there! I never would have thought of mounting the hard drive on a busted PCI or pulling power from the ISA bus. Fantastic!!! I hope everything comes out as good as it's looking so far! That FM transmitter really makes me think... It's probably something I would have done. HA! Great!
          Am I crazy? Good question...
          If I say no, would you believe me?

          2x 8" monitors, Athlon 3000+, 120gb HD, and 6K watts of 7.1 surround sound :) ...coming soon...


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            Awesome install, i got same car and planning on doing same thing.

            First, awesome install, very ingenious mounting drive on pci card. What was entailed in removing the dash radio Trim so you could mount the Lilliput in their? Is it a flush mounted to the trim? What did you use for a firm or permanent mount of it there, glue? screws? I have heard just awful things about reflection with the Lilli's so i was most likely going to be doing a xenarc 700tsv and mount it lil deep back in the dash, mabye, 1 1/2 inches or something along those lines as to help keep sun off the screen.

            Awesome job dude