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'00 Ford Mustang - Mac Mini

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  • '00 Ford Mustang - Mac Mini

    To Do:
    -Thunderform installation (extend power wires, permanently attach sub to trunk)
    -New Head unit - Need multiple AUX inputs, Sirius ready.
    -VGA LCD Touchscreen, in dash, probably Xenarc.
    -Mac Mini Install (Carnetix 1900 for the power, need to find a place to mount it)

    Brief history of my futile efforts to get a computer in my car: A lot of these mistakes will be obvious to anybody with experience, but I was a complete noob to car audio/video/computing. Despite these setbacks, I've learned a lot about my car and how it works. The biggest challenge has been the limited amount of space in the Mustang and the non-flat trunk floor (it's difficult to mount anything in the trunk due to the spare tire).

    October '02 - Upgraded factory head unit with Kenwood KDC-MPV619 with Sirius Satellite Radio (early adopter). CD-MP3's, baby.

    November '04 - Installed Pyle 6" in-dash mobile monitor. Originally wanted to use a composite input for my PC, but that failed miserably. Lesson #1 - an inverter plugged into a cigarette lighter just won't provide enough power to a FIC Small Form Factor PC. Lesson #2 - Anything with Pyle on it is a piece of crap. It doesn't display most composite sources correctly. I was able to use it for my PS2 plugged into the notorious inverter mentioned above, so at least I had limited mobile video capabilities.

    April '05 - Upgraded factory speakers to Infinity Kappa 572.5cf's. Had some trouble with the speaker installation at the beginning. Ford includes a small amplifier in the stock Mustang radio that's a separate unit. The people that installed my head unit wired the speakers to that, so they screwed up the wiring harness. I had to run new speaker wires straight to the head unit. Also installed a Phoenix Gold QX90.2 amp and Polk 12" DX subwoofer. Half my limited trunk is now taken up by a big giant sub enclosure. Speakers are a great improvement over stock, but clipping is apparent at higher volumes. Also added the Kenwood KCA-S210 auxiliary input to the KDC-319. Even though it's specifically made for the KDC-MPV619 head unit, that auxiliary input is a piece of crap. Distinct low level hiss at medium to high volumes.

    March '06 - My standards have gone up significantly, and the audio quality in my car, while an improvement over stock, leaves a lot to be desired, especially since my speakers can sound so much better if given the proper power and inputs.

    April '06 - Picked up the MTX FMC10A-T45 Thunderform, a custom amplifier/subwoofer for the Mustang. Hopefully I'll reclaim some much needed trunk space, as well as improve the sound quality. That Polk was used and a piece of crap when I got it, I'm hoping that going from low quality 12" speaker to a higher quality 10" sub will reap some benefits. Haven't installed it yet.

    I'm thinking a new high end head unit will output enough power to my Infinity Kappa's so that I won't need a separate amplifier, but I'm shopping for one nonetheless.
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    I would have loved to put a mini in my car but it's too late... already got the SFF PC... First of all... Congratz, you got the right speakers. Those Kappas are tops. As far as the amp goes, there is a company called Soundstorm that makes amps with unusually good specs for the price. I was a sceptic untill I got one myself. But if space is a major issue and price isn't, Look around for a 4 channel class D amp. They're fairly new on the market so the price isn't my style. But they've got alot of power with a small footprint and far less heat than your typical class A/B. Alto is making a few... I'm gonna put 2 class B's and a D for a total of 6500watts in my car because I will not have a heat or space issue... In any case... Keep us posted!
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