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2001 Buick Regal GS Worklog w/Pics!

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  • 2001 Buick Regal GS Worklog w/Pics!

    Well, I've been thinking about doing an PC install for over a year now, and I'm just getting around to doing it.

    Heres the car. 2001 Buick Regal GS

    Heres the dash where I'm embedding the LCD screen.

    Heres my Screen, The SUPER off of Ebay.

    The screen was my big purchase, because I know I can start from there.

    Right now, I'm installing an old SFF computer I had lying around.

    I'm using an old small form factor Dell GX200 pentium 3 computer. The case actually says GX110 on it but I tore the motherboard out because it decided to not want to power up. So I ripped the motherboard out of another computer I had lying around, and put it in this one.
    800 Mhz Pentium 3
    512 MB RDRAM
    20GB HD
    Slim DVD ROM Drive

    I was going to use one of the IBM SFF computers I had (the case is actually smaller) but the ones I didn't sell freeze when you boot windows up on them. 5 of the 20 I had were bad.

    If anyone is interested in purchasing for parts or something, they have

    933Mhz and 866 Mhz P3
    DVD Slim Drive
    The ram and HDD were taken out, but the case is kind of nice.

    I'm going to eventually build a Mini Itx computer, but this is kind of a test run, so all I'll have to do is switch computers later, and everything else will be installed already.

    The Regal has some very nice places to put a mini itx computer, here are some pictures of possible places to put one.

    This is a picture of the armrest open. Its VERY deep if you can't tell from the picture, and it goes under the console an extra 6 inches as well.

    This is a picture of the storage compartment under the climate control on the dash. This is very deep as well, if I stick my hand in it, it goes almost up to my elbow.

    Until I build a Mini ITX, I'm going to use an inverter. I bought this Vector 400w inverter at Meijer for $50. When I do install the mini itx, I might go for a dc-dc setup.

    Heres the picture of the Vector Inverter. The cable they included to hook up to the battery is kind of short, I'll have to find a way to extend it.

    I'll be using Roadrunner as my front end, I kind of like it and its the only one I could get to run. I'm going to try and embed iGuidance into it. The software side of things seems kind of complicated, but i'll have to work through it.

    For my GPS Unit, I'm using the Onstar Hack. I had some trouble, but I finally finished the OnStar Hack after one of the soldering points was giving me a VERY hard time (solder would NOT stick to it) but I came up with a technique that seemed to work.

    Heres some pics of the onstar Unit installed in the trunk, notice the cable coming out if it, thats the hack.

    I confirmed the hack works by installing iGuidance on my laptop and driving around. Looks Great!

    Well, thats it for now. More to come later.

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    Hi, great start so far. I was wondering hows that super screen? I already got a lilliput but before I got it I was thinking about getting the super at first and I guess the only reason I went for the lilliput was simply because more people had it i guess. (someone jumps off a bridge, hey i might too! lol). Also I could use a slim drive I been looking on ebay for one the past few days, how much are u considering selling for?
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      Thanks, I like the super screen alot. I read good things about it so I got one off ebay. I read it has the same screen as the xenarc, and lots of people like the xenarc so I decided on the super.

      If you want the whole pc, i'll sell it for $20. You could find whatever shipping works for you, but I usually get a discount on Fedex Ground.

      Heres a pic of the inside.

      its kind of tight in there

      Heres a pic of the back

      Hopefully I'll get time to work on it tomorrow


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        Hey $20 sounds awesome, sure I'll go for the whole comp take the whole comp I can definately make use of whatever works and hell even if nothing works, the case is nice and small. I don't mind whatever shipping, whatevers the cheapest possible and convenient for you at the same time. Can you let me know of the price with shipping to 06606? slowest and cheapest possible would help me save money, I'm really in no hurry and would like to save as much money as possible, college tuition keeps going up . So fedex ground is ok with me if its convenient for you but seriously whatever will be cheapest for me if possible. message me when you get a chance, I really appreciate it. u accept paypal or what type of payment?
        Car: Nissan Maxima 1997 5-SPD
        Current carputer status: 92%
        my carputer worklog: click here


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          Here ya go

          It'll ship fedex, its not too expensive.

          Gotta find time to work on the carputer, I've been slacking!


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            Thanks just ordered right now. Hope i can use some of the parts from the computer and especially hopefully the dvd-rom works, but anyhow the price does make up for the case atleast. lol I been pretty lazy with my install as well i gotta get working on it.
            cant wait to see more of your work though!
            thanks again!
            Car: Nissan Maxima 1997 5-SPD
            Current carputer status: 92%
            my carputer worklog: click here


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              Well, since I'm going to put the computer in the trunk for now, I had to install the inverter in the trunk and wire it up to the battery. I ended up buying a set of jumper cables, cutting off the ends, and hooking them up to the battery, with a fuse in between it all.

              It took a LONG time, and I had to drill through the firewall, but its in the trunk now.

              I also went to the local car audio store and picked up a wiring harness that will hook up to the factory monsoon amp. The whole setup consists of three pieces, and cost me $79, but it will save me alot of time in the long run.

              Its cold out this week, and I'll be out of town, so I guess installation will have to wait for awile, just wanted to update.


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                sent you a PM about one of your ibm's...


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                  hi, just wondering how the install's going

                  how does the screen fit? any cutting, etc. required to get it in?

                  Also, do you have a model number for the wiring harness?


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                    Originally posted by peterbrowne
                    hi, just wondering how the install's going

                    how does the screen fit? any cutting, etc. required to get it in?

                    Also, do you have a model number for the wiring harness?
                    I have a '99 GS as well and am also wondering these things. I bought a second dash on the Regal forums (it was like 20 bucks, hey, worth it since I'll probably ruin at least one cutting it up). I was looking at a larger 8.4" screen and was going to fiberglass it *outside* the dash since the hole in the dash is too small for even a 7 inch one without cutting part of the viewable area off. I just have to purchase the screen - it's the major purchase.
                    Also, about that monsoon amp - Please let us know where you found those harness parts! It'd be a godsend to be able to use it instead of having to remove it and pin out the harness in there and hook up an aftermarket amp.

                    It seems no one has ventured into carputer territory in these cars yet - Hope yours works out so others can try!


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                      I have a 2001 GS too, and have been looking for a clean way to mount an LCD. Can you give us an update? I would really like to see how you are progressing.