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Project 'Uber-Hack Camaro' first boot in car.

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  • Project 'Uber-Hack Camaro' first boot in car.

    Well like the title says, I just got the computer in my car and booting up like it should. Im happy. now I just need to find a switched 12V line in my car to act as a remote turn on and all will be good. Mind you this is a Uber-Hack project, as in not the greatest, and the install is a bit off, as I am still figuring out just what I want to do with it. I will be changing things as money becomes availible for this, but here is a brief rundown of my new toy...

    Dell DHP celeron 800
    20G 3.5 HD
    Xenarc 700V
    Radeon 9200
    using onboard sound for now...

    Audio control 24X
    Crossfire VR400 mono amp
    Crossfire Component amp ( cant remember model, but it is 75W rms)
    Alpine Type R 6.5 components in front kick panels
    Alpine Type R 10 Sub in custom sub enclosure where my spare should be

    touchscreen!! right now I am using a damn mouse...
    VGA monitor. I am using the radeon as it has composit out on it.
    Min 120W DC-DC PSU with shutdown controller

    as it is right now I removed the passenger rear seat cusion and mounted a piece of plywood in the crater left behind. this is where my Computer is. thn I made a MDF box to go over it and carpeted it so it looks, well, not like a MDF box covering a computer... it only raises teh level an inch or two, so I am thinking I might remake it out of Steel so that I can put my sons carseat on it. as long as the angle is the same for the seat, and it is still held down with the Latch system it is NOT going anywhere. Screen is mounted in the stock radios position, but I had to trim a bit of the plastic frame off the bottom of the factory surround for the whole screen to be visible.

    Right now I am NOT happy with how it is powered. I ran out of cash, so had to get a makeshift solution in the car... 400W power inverter... and it is hardwired in... so when I go out I have to turn on the inverter, and the ssystem poweres up and comes online. then when I am parked, I have to hit the PC's powerbutton (set to power off), wait for the system to shutdown and then killl the Inverter. Hopefully in a bout 3 weeks Ill be able to get the DC-Dc with a SDC.

    i still have to make the Kicks, and sub box, but once it is done Il post up pics. Just thought I would throw this out as i am happy it is finally coming together.

    any critiques or ideas please send them, but please dont flame me. Im new at this...

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    Sounds interesting... I'd like to see some pics...
    I'm always happy to see another camaro on the boards... Check out messination... (I think that's his screen name) he has a 94 camaro.
    Project "Media-Z" : 99 Camaro Z28 (Click to View)


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      OK here are a few shots of the build in progress.

      here is the MDF Shelf that covers the electronics from wandering eyes. still gotta mount a couple 5v fans in it and cover it with carpeting.

      Here is all the electronics and assorted wiring MESS! as soon as I know it is all working and willl not be moved, ill shorten the wires and clean it up. Note the Vid card sticking up through the PC case. Screen is a composite in screen. once I get my touchscreen that card will go away and Ill be able to use the onboard VGA connector.

      Shot of the screen from the rear hatch. its a 7inch screen fitted into the stock radio location. Unfortunately it is not a touch screen... Yet. so there is my trackball mouse by the E-Brake. this is how I controll the PC.

      well the system was fired up today and seems to be working fairly good. I diddnt have time to fish wire up to front speakers so I decided to try to hok it into the rear 6 X 9's... opened the panels, and discovered they were missing! so I made some panels out of 1/4" plywood to mount in the place of the factory rears, and installed my Alpine Type R 6.5 components and tweeters. I dont know if I am gong to leave these in, I really dont like a lot of rear fill, but I am not really wanting to try to make kick pods right now to hold them.. So I might find a set of 5.25 components and mount those in front and just leave the 6.5's in the back.

      Still have to build a box fro my 10" sub... I have no spare, so I might try to make a fiberglassbox to fit there, or I might make a low box to fit the bottom of the trench. I wil be running a sealed box with 1 cuft of space, so I have abit of room to play around with.

      questions? Comments? Suggestions? Thanks...