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Audi Coupe 1982

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  • Audi Coupe 1982

    So I just picked up a VERY clean 1.8 Coupe here in Poland, and looking at the centre console, it's just BEGGING for a PC in there. Theres a centre box measuring 185mm x 125mm - almost identical to a Lilliput 7".

    This isn't my car, as I lost the photo originally, but this gives you an idea of the dash layout.

    Comments? Anyone got any experience on moving those Audi heater controls?

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    this prob needs be moved to work logs....

    looks like it has potential
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      Do you still work on the coupé?

      I have one on my on.

      Tony in Sweden


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        After playing around with technologies, including terrible quality RCA screens and a HU that got stolen after a week, I've finally settled on my hardware - a 1Ghz Athlon Socket A, running XP with Roadrunner, an EBY-701 screen and a Griffin Powermate control.

        It's all working on my bench, it just needs to be mounted in the car. Photos as soon as I get my LCD bezel for fabrication from DigitalWW (hopefully before christmas!)


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          Picture doesn't work anymore...

          Can you upload a new one?

          Post # 3000


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            Taking apart the dash was very easy, it's just irritating that the steering column cowel and the glovebox hide the screws you need to remove the centre tunnel. So the whole thing was removed. This also allowed me to remove and cap the central vents to relocate the heater controls

            The EBY701 screen doesnt quite fit into the tunnel hole - it's 3mm too wide. This isnt really a problem, as the tunnel is in two stages. The back half is wider, and the front is just a cover.

            Here, the Lilliput sits behind the front tunnel section. The 3mm gap at the bottom is covered with black angled plastic, cut and glued into place, which also forms a small shelf for the screen to sit on.

            I fashioned a mounting frame from angled aluminium (20mm x 15mm) using the original Lilli bolt to hold the screen. The frame will be pop-rivetted to the tunnel

            And voila! Not all screwed together, but the testfitting shows how it all lines up! The recessing also shades it a bit from sun glare, and provides it with some tilt which should help the viewing angle a bit.


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              It lives!

              The ropey fibreboard box is the frame I built to get the system running. At the moment it runs off a seperate 12V test battery. Eventually the Opus 150W will be properly wired to its own seperate power straight from the cars fuse box (which has four empty rails for such luxuries as heated seats and rear wipers, which I don't have ) The PC will be mounted in the ample space behind the glovebox.


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                Rather than go all the way across the car and back just to use the fusebox, I came through the firewall on the passenger side and fitted a direct fused line to the battery there instead. I've also made a proper shell for the PC. The fibreboard is just to control the airflow - it's reinforced with timber and aluminium inside

                and my stealthy stealthy amp location:

                Now I just have to fit a Griffin Powermate (disguised as another cigarette lighter) and get sort out the speaker-thump!