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Kia Spectra 2002 with Xenarc, please help me out guys...

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  • Kia Spectra 2002 with Xenarc, please help me out guys...

    Here is my computer, I want to post it here so you guys can help me out. All I can say " this project is really hard and take a lot of times " .


    Motherboard ECS 741GX-M
    Xenarc 7'' TSV
    AMD Mobile 2200 M
    Corsair 512MB DDR333
    WD 2.5 5400 60GB
    DVD-slim slot
    GPS Bu-353 with Iguidance (I think)
    Road Runner

    Here is a computer: finished ( still working on software )

    sorry, it little messy.

    here is the dash, the dash is kinda small for the screen. So I used the dremel to cut it to fit with the screen. After that I used the bondo that I bought from Autozone, I don't know if I bought a wrong bondo or what, Once I tried to apply some bondo to the screen, and it seem like the bondo didn't dry, after 20 mins still wet, Then I decide to clean up the bondo and ask you guys some question. Anyways here is my dash with the screen and the bondo I bought.



    On the picture of my dash, and the things that I circled it, there were 2 hole on the right end and the left end of the screen, can you guys give me some information like what material I can use to close that hole? and what kind of things I need to use to make my dash look smooth, and what kind of sand paper I need. I got some paint already. Thanks. I will follow you guys intruction and will post the pix.

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    dude u bought spot putty..u need body filler or fiberglass...bondo glass or bondo hair..but i say buy some 2 part epoxy...epoxy the back of the screen in..let it cure...go buy some bondo body filler...not spot putty
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      oh oh, thanks for you help, so right now I need to buy some epoxy, so I can glue the screen from the back, then buy some bondo body filler, hmm what about the hole between the dash and the screen

      and how many kind of sand paper I need to buy, thanks


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        tape the front...epoxy it in the back..when it dries take the tape off...and bondo the front....get different grits of sandpaper..i reccomend 80..120..180..220 and the higher the number the smother u make it...start off with the 80 to 120 first tho.
        i got dat ***** sittin on 22s! SUPERMAN EDITION!


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          thanks, EsKLad, will try it tomorrow. it's late now. Also, Do I need to use a sand paper to sand the dash and the screen ? Because it looks messy, thanks.


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            might want some stuff like 'kitty hair' or other type of fiber filler. looks better then bondo
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              HAHAHAHA SORRY BUT THATS FUNNY U GOT SPOT PUTTY!! its okay do what eskalad said just epxy from behind and then bondo if ur good at taping it u might not even need to use bondo the epxoy will fill upo the edge of the tape if it drips through which is good


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                Just went to Auto Zone, and bought some bondo and sand paper.

                .........I taped the front

                ........then epoxy from the back, now I have to wait 'till it dried.


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                  well done! i suggest putting more epoxy on the back make a nice build up and that sucker wont go anywhere..which is better and will cause no cracking inthe bondo.
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                    oh, more epoxy ? how about, I use a hot blue or crazy glue ? so I can keep it tight.
                    ........just added more epoxy, and will bondo it tomorrow.


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                      hmm, here is a first layer of bondo, I think I epoxy too much or something, and now I can see the bondo and the epoxy mix. How do I fix this problem thanks.


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                        mine mixed and i had no problem with it...if u sand correctly u should be fine...u can always add MORE bondo if needed.
                        i got dat ***** sittin on 22s! SUPERMAN EDITION!


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                          Couple ideas for the future. Duramix 4058 works awsome for bonding plastics and filling holes. Sands good also. I also like Rage Gold over Bondo. Sands smoother and has less pinholes. Also to make your life easier shape the bondo with a razor blade when it is still soft. Save a lot of sanding down the road.
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                            80 grit. sand sand sand snad sand sand. then take some more bondo and fill in the low spots. then sand and sand and sand, untill everythings level and flat. sand down, build up the low spot, sand some more. I had somewhere around 40 hours of sanding before it was about perfect befor i took it to the shop to be sprayed. it doesnt look perfect overnight, but be patient, you dont wanna go this far and then when everythings 90% done rush and have it look like crap. since its your work, and its going to be in your car, youll see every flaw in it.

                            dont worry man there is a light at the end of the tunnel. looks good so far at any rate. keep up the good work.
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                              spent like few hours to add bondo and sand, now I got this, I think I really need more sanding, I will need you guys help me for paint.