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1995 Accord Aero Deck install

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  • 1995 Accord Aero Deck install

    Well thought I might as well post my new install over here! Recently bought a Honda after my Laguna had an interesting incident involving the bonnet deciding it wanted to cover the windscreen rather than the engine :|

    The car, a Honda Accord Aero Deck 2.0LSi

    The dash as new(ish)

    First thing I did was buy a pop out ts and check everything worked (heh)

    This has turned out to be a major pain in the arse while a very reasonable picture the touchscreen just decides to decalibrate itself on a weekly basis which is no use at all but I guess I should have expected that as it cost less than the non pop out ts I had before.

    Next part was installing the PC after considering the options using the first aid box space in the back made most sense as it left the console box and glovebox free and made for easy access.

    From my laguna I already had all the parts

    M10k MoBo
    120Gb 3.5" HDD
    256Mb DDR
    wifi card with antenna
    USB GPS mouse
    D-Link USB Radio

    the only new part was a 400w amp that is the same size as the motherboard! Fits into one of the trunk floor hatches for stealthyness.

    Installed in the back

    Cover closed

    All cables run through a duct along under the doors to the dash.

    Touchscreen installed in dash (tape was just till I managed to get it fitted properly!)

    My plan this month is to ditch the pop out screen and replace it with a built in one just reading up on the proper use of bondo and such at the moment!
    Current Honda Accord Aero Deck install
    96' Laguna install

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    Srs And Abs On 1995 Honda Accord

    I Am Not Sure Whether This Is The Right Forum To Direct My Question. The Srs Light And Abs Light On My 1995 Honda Came Up And When I Took It To The Dealer They Wanted To Change The Entire Unit.

    Is There Any Way That We Can Reset This So That The Srs And Abs Light Goes Away.