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The Land Yacht - not so kludge Sprinter install Rev3

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  • The Land Yacht - not so kludge Sprinter install Rev3

    Pre-Planning stages.

    To take the existing setup (Monstrosity #2) and consolidate down using a server case I managed to get my hands on. So. Step1, Pics & Measurements.

    The dimensions of the server case are

    Depth: 21"
    Width: 16.5"
    Height: 26"

    Here are some pics.

    Pics, measurements, & diagrams of the inside of The Yacht for pre-planning forthcoming
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    And more pics
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      OK. Time for more information. Here is a rough sketch of the interior of the van, AS IT IS NOW.

      On to more stuff.

      The inverter, which will hopefully be mounted inside the above case is 9.5" long x 8" wide x 3.75" high.

      There are also various power strips that will live inside the case, and a video splitter box.

      For outside the case (possible ideas are false floor, etc), I'll need to mount 2 amps and a "Air Conditioner Control Board" (basically a very simple circuit board that controls the rear-top mounted air conditioner).

      Right NOW, ALLLLLLLL of these things, including the computer, are mounted inside Monstrosity.

      Amp1 (subamp) is 12" x 7.25" x 2.5"
      Amp2 (mainamp) is 10.5 x 11.5 x 2"
      Forgot to measure the "AC Control Board". Will get that later.
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        ...I think I'm missing something... why you using a server case?

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          And a rough sketch of the new layout with the new Server Case in the van.
          The Server Case will probably sit on some sort of pedestal or false floor, about 5" high.
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            And the concept for the false floor and the stuff that will live under it...
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              Originally posted by Dennis5587
              ...I think I'm missing something... why you using a server case?
              My setup is rather more sizeable than the average setup.


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                Looks like he's packing everything including audio amplifiers into the box. That'll be sweet when it's done.
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                  That's a nice looking server case as well.
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                    Originally posted by Dennis5587
                    ...I think I'm missing something... why you using a server case?
                    This is in a Dodge Sprinter van that's a taxicab. Space certainly isn't an issue for this case.
                    You also haven't seen the specs for this man's CabPC...
                    This freak of nature has an Athlon64 system with 2.2terabytes of storage for videos, mp3s, movies and whatever else he's got in there. There are also four screens, one of which is a touchscreen for passengers to select videos.

                    Space is an issue with the current Monstrosity. That's why the swap.
                    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
                    How about the Wiki?

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                      OK. First draft thoughts on how to mount the rear monitors up high (if ya don't understand, take a look at my original "kludge" install).

                      This setup lives in my house...#1 computer monitor mounted on a pole/base/thing that is essentially 1" galvanized(?) steel H shape at the base for support, and a single pipe that comes up from the floor to THIS at the top.

                      The only major changes I'm considerin for the Yacht monitors is a larger diameter pipe (1.5 or 2") for greater support...this one does great but it doesn't have to survive inside a moving vehicle. And a base that I can somehow mount to the floor (bolts). Probably something similar to what's already at the top of the pipe.

                      The arm the monitor is actually on is identical to the ones that live in The Yacht right now, so those can be reused.


                      By the way, if this wasn't said earlier...THIS IS THE PLANNING STAGE so any thoughts, suggestions, ideas where ANY of the above info in this or previous posts is concerned will be greatly appreciated.
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                        are you wanting to keep the screens moveable?
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                          Originally posted by BarryWoods
                          That's a nice looking server case as well.
                          I like that case!
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                            Originally posted by Red GTi VR6
                            are you wanting to keep the screens moveable?
                            Nope, in the van they're pretty well locked down (got the bolts cranked as tight as I could get em)


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                              Just got back from gettin the server case. That $99 server case ended up costin me $75+tax.

                              I promised I'd post this info cuz they have 5 or so left to sell if anyone's interested lemme know.