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    Here's my car, which is an Australian designed/built 2000 Ford Falcon XR6, featuring an inline six cylinder engine (also Australian designed/built) driving rear wheels through a T5 manual gearbox/diff with 3.45 gears. Until now, it has just had cosmetic and performance mods, intake, exhaust, custom tune, body kit, etc. Below is a pic from the last drag day I had the car at, where I managed a PB of 14.88 @ 93.4 mph down the 1/4. Planning to drop below 14.5 before the end of August...

    The existing audio system is the factory 'premium setup', which consists of a double din in-dash 6CD stacker with cassette and am/fm radio, front splits with a-pillar tweeters, rear 2 way co-axials and a parcel shelf mounted 8" sub powered by a low powered amp in the boot. The dash shape is a little unique, as the pic below gives a rough indication of.

    I'm still putting together a complete list of components for the system, but here's what I've got so far.

    Evalue ECM-5715 Pentium-M SBC. (More info here)
    - Supports 90 nm Intel® µFC-PGA 478 Pentium® M / Celeron® M CPU
    - Intel® 82855GME Chipset
    - One DDR DIMM up to 1 GB SDRAM
    - DVI, 2 x 24-bit LVDS, & Dual View
    - 5.1 CH Audio & TV-out
    - Dual Realtek RTL8100C or optional Intel® 82551QM/82551ER 10/100Mbps LAN
    - Optional Dual Intel® 82541PI/82541ER or Realtek RTL8110S Gigabit LAN
    - 1 PCI, 1 Mini PCI, Type I/II CF
    - 2 SATA, 4 COM, 4 USB 2.0, 16-bit DIO

    Intel Pentium M 1.8 Ghz (745, SL7EN) processor
    1GB PC3200 DDR RAM
    2GB Kingston Ultimate 100x Compact Flash II card (MB had a CF II slot)
    Seagate Momentus 100GB 2.5" 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive
    2 x 7" LCD TFT monitors for the head rests

    I'm planning to purchase the following in the coming weeks/months

    DPI.107B 7" In-dash TFT-LCD VGA Touchscreen Monitor from Autonode More info here
    M2-ATX powersupply
    Panasonic slot load DVD-ROM
    GPS receiver (not sure which yet, one compat. with OziExplorer I guess)
    USB sound card, as I hope to be able to play music up front and have movies going (with headphones) in the rear at the same time. Not 100% sure which direction to go but I'll get the main system going before attempting this.

    Still undecided about the front-end, but I'm looking at running Tiny XP and other primary software from the CF card.

    Due to the size of the motherboard, I'm hoping to fabricate a single din (ish) sized case that will sit under the in-dash monitor, using a modified dash piece that converts the exist double din hole into a single din space with a pocket.

    Advice/constructive criticism/insults welcome!

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    That's a cool lookin car. Sounds pretty good so far.

    Try RevFE
    The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.


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      have you measured the head unit size? Not that it really matters but a lot of fords use 1.8 din and not 2 din.
      Nice cars those I would love a V8 none.
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      SP13000, 300GB SATA HD, 1GB DDR. Opus 150, K301 screen, Cisco WIFI, AQmax GPS, RoadRunner and FreeDrive, Sony MEX-R5 head unit. 4 years installed and it just keeps running!


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        How much did the Evalue ECM-5715 cost you?


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          Originally posted by v8 scimitar
          have you measured the head unit size? Not that it really matters but a lot of fords use 1.8 din and not 2 din.
          Nice cars those I would love a V8 none.
          I'm not 100% sure, I know others have managed to put two single din units in place of the factory one without hacking at the dash.

          The V8 versions were the last to use the old 5.0 Windsor (hand built at that stage) as the new models use 5.4l 3 and 4 value engines.


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            Originally posted by Kalt
            How much did the Evalue ECM-5715 cost you?
            It was pricey, but it might be worth checking the US distributor of
            Evalue products as I got mine through a local distributor.