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05 Subaru WRX CarPC version 2

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  • 05 Subaru WRX CarPC version 2

    This is my first worklog and second carPC. My first carPC was stolen, so now it is time to rebuild. This will be a similar setup to my previouse one, only with a Xenarc screen instead of the drop in Lilliput (TMZ).

    7" Xenarc Touchscreen
    HP E-Vectra 1 Ghz Celeron, 320RAM, 20GB HDD
    400 Watt Inverter
    Holux GR-213 GPS Receiver
    CompUSA Flex USB keyboard (fits nicely on sunvisor)
    4 Port USB hub (mounted in ashtray)
    4 Port USB hub (for everything else)
    Remote mounted HDD/Power/On-Off Switch. Connected with RJ-45 jacks for easy connect and disconnect if I remove the PC from the car.

    Windows XP Pro
    MS Streets & Trips 2006
    TARI DL1 ECU reader


    Here are a couple shots of the skin I'm using.

    The car:

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    Screen Fabrication:

    After using the screen a little bit, I never used the buttons and if I needed to I could use the remote. So I sanded and re-bondo'd to cover it all up.

    Here is a comparison of the original stock piece and the finished product

    I got my new HP E-PC since my other one died on me. Still need to remote mount the LEDs and Power switch.


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      haha nice man, how you have fun, always nice to see another rex install.

      and im reallllyly liking that fllush bezel. looks nice ;p
      2004 Impreza WRX CarPC Install

      I am willing to host any legal downloads that may benefit the CarPC community - PM for info

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        project put on hold for a whlie. the MB in my e-vectra died. trying to decide if i want to go with another e-vectra so i don't have to reinstall and reconfigure the HD for another pc, or take this as a chance to upgrade...


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          100AMP FUSE?! isnt that wayy overkill?


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            Originally posted by mike6789
            100AMP FUSE?! isnt that wayy overkill?
            yeah, its not going to be installed with that power setup anymore. i need to change it on the diagram. i recently got a deal on some power wire, so i'm going to leave the 4AWG for my sub amp and have separate 8AWG for the 2ch amp and inverter and run appropriate fuses for each.


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              btw, take that super 8 motels card out of that one picture... we can all see your account information (or atleast anyone with photoshop can)


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                haha, yeah that card isn't mine. when i was getting ready to bondo i couldn't find my applicator so i have to start searching. after ripping a 3.5 floppy disk up to use the plastic cover i found that card in the parking lot. it's been expired for a couple years, would have been cool if it was still valid


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                  hahaha excellent


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                    What paint will you use to repaint the dash piece to match the original color?