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1987 Toyota Complete Computer Install and More!

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  • 1987 Toyota Complete Computer Install and More!

    Okay so after some time now I have finally decided to create my own worklog. Why? Cuz i can

    Current Status:

    2 American Legacy 3.5" 100w 2-Way Speakers
    2 American Legacy 6.5" 300w 3-Way Speakers (with custom plastic mounting)
    2 Pyramid Audio 10" 700w Subwoofers (with Custom MDF Box)
    1 1000w Pyramid Audio 2ch Amplifier (to Subs)
    1 600w Pyramid Audio 2ch Amplifier (to Rear Deck 6.5" Speakers)
    1 240w Pyramid Audio 2ch Amplifier (to Front 3.5" Speakers)
    1 Boss Head Unit w/ CD
    1 Pyramid Audio 2.0F Capacitor

    7" Liquid Video LCD mounted in custom case
    PlayStation 2 Run with a 500w Inverter

    Dual Halogen 55w Micro Fog Lights
    Blue CCFL Interior Lighting
    Blue LED Chrome Nozzle Lights
    Blue LED Underbody Light Kit
    Chrome Lexani Isolator 17" Rims

    Now although I openly admit that the sound system is pure crap, for $500 and as my first install im happy with how it came out. Everything works great but I want more.

    I previously had a 300MHz PII CarPuter System installed with a 7" VGA Touchscreen. However along the way the Screen burnt out and once that was fixed, the motherboard started freaking out and the system broke down.

    Since then I broke down the system and sold off some of the parts. I was originally planing to sell my car before entering college...but now have a bit of a change in plans. Really I have NO idea what im going to do...but for now it thought I would play a little.

    Current Plans:
    PIII 450MHz Motherboard
    Video Card with TV out to connect with current 7" Screen
    256MB PC100 SDRAM
    40GB Laptop HDD
    Holux USB GPS
    Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
    USB Sound
    20GB of MP3's
    Windows XP Media Center Edition with some Front End Software

    Current Progress:
    Finding a schematic and or BIOS update to support power switch control (currently it refuses to shut down board)
    Here is the Thread on this problem:
    Working on the case for the System. The case will be composed of 2 Sheets of Plexiglas and 4 Stainless Steel Posts. The posts will both support the two boards, mount the MotherBoard and hold the feet to the case.

    As I think of more I will post more. Pictures to come.
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    American Legacy ...pyramid And Boss....youll Regret Putting Any Of Them In Your Reccomendation If Its Not Too Late Return All Those And Buy Something Like Alpine Or Kenwood. Not Too Expensive But Good Quality.
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      Ahh no i bought it all off ebay. I did it cuz I basically had not much cash and didnt want to spend too much for my first time incase i screwed somethign up. It acually all works pretty well (surprisingly). Depending whether or not i end up deciding to keep the car or not. If i keep it .. or get another car im going to put a REAL sound system in

      Really I'm just experimenting at this point
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        dude why didn't you use a 4way amp for front and back?
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          Well this gave me more power and less wiring. The 240W for the front speakers is mounted in the glove box...its pretty neat and is fun to hear my passengers ooh and aww of the piece of crap

          Also the front speakers dont handle the same ammount of power as the rear so I get much better sound this way.

          My whole plan was to get the best sound from the cheapest stuff. And as a first install im pretty happy with it.

          on a side note...

          I went out to the mall today and on the way my head unit when BONKERS and now i get some freaky *** low pitch alternater whine. I mean i knew the head unit is crap and ive had a touch of normal alt whine for a while...but i have NO IDEA wats going on.

          Im supposed to be trading a slot load dvd for a new sony unit...but the guy hasnt gotten back to me. He keeps saying hes gunna ship gunna ship...but holding onto my DVD for now...

          but on the bright side i just made 20 bucks in about 45 minutes. A close friend of mine came by and i popped in a new clarion HU for her. ... and although $20 is damn inexpensive for an install....shes paid plenty in looks
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            Okay so heres my newww progress

            I started work on monday at my high school and since the school go some new PC's they were gunna trash a bunch of old i thought id pop one or two open and seee what i could find.

            And to my GREAT happiness and wonderful success, i got a new motherboard for my system

            Its a tad bigger but still microATX formfactor. It was orignially a 333MHz celeron but i founda 733MHz PIII chip as well so now im happy with its speed (definatly an up from my original plan of a 450MHz PIII)

            In addition to all this the power button works as its supposed too!!!! YAAY

            also everything is built in on board so no need for any extra card at all HELLZ YEAH hehehehe

            so things are now picking up for me. tomorrow im gunna tackle front ends and hopefully pick up a new LCD im looking at an 8" LCD with native 800x600 res ts and all for $200 shipped......

            im mad excited now!
            Brown 2010


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              lol you cheap bastard!

              btu eyah... keep stealing stuff from the school.... ******* *****es work there that suspend you for playing a damn game
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                j/k, but I do want to see the ride.
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                  LMFAO yeah i will definatly add a bunch of pics this was my girlfriends birthday on thursday so ive been kinda busy with that....and im going to the beach tomorrow...but SUNDAY!!! yeah thats when ill get them pics!!!

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                    I prepped the car, fixed my sub vaccumed and everything....all ready to take pics and it started to rain

                    I will have pics soon... promise!

                    And i found out excellent news today. I will most likely be able to keep my car!!!!! Originally it was looking grim and i was most likely going to have to sell it before college because there was no place i could store it. But i just found out today that at my sisters college she will get a parking spot. Now considering she cant drive and doesnt have a car....what an excellent place to store mine!!!!!

                    So now i can stop debating and pondering what to do and on wiht my progress!!!!!

                    Today I started to mess around with RoadRunner I think thats going to be my front end... Its easy to skin, and has a ****load of flexablility...EXACTLY what im looking for. I was originally going to code my own ...but i decided why bother when i can take wats already there.

                    So now ... on to skinning!!!
                    Brown 2010


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                      Yeah don't forget those pix!

                      Good choice on RR for FE, I use it and love it. Make sure you post your skin when done, I'm always looking to try new ones.
                      {Xenarc 700TSV} {Celeron M 1.3 ghz} {ASUS mATX mobo w/CT479} {MX440 128mb AGP} {1x512mb RAM} {3.5" Seagate 40gb (rated at 350 G's)} {M1-ATX}

                      MY INSTALLATION LOG


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                        Alright finally got around to getting all the pictures together and everything.

                        Since there are quite a few i put together a quick website instead of taking hours to upload them here


                        Check it out. There isnt much pc installed yet...but im getting there.
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                          i like how they want u to go more expensive..., on a camry, lol

                          u could put a tin can in there for a speaker and it'd be better than stock +_+

                          but seriously tho, nice cheap set up, i like it


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                            Thanks and yes MUCH better than stock...but still crap...

                            I found a warehouse dealer near buy thats sells good stuff for quite resonable pricing. So im off to there. I at least need (well in reality want) to get new subs cuz these Jensen's SUCK ***....

                            but anyway...

                            Ive come quite a long way with the skin im working on, getting the feel for the software and have a few menu pages set up...

                            In addition to that i have about 80% of my simple mobo container complete. I will add pictures to the site once its completed.
                            Brown 2010


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                              Finally got my carpc ... em box? put together. I like how it came out. Its not the best thing in the world but I loved experimenting with treading metal tubing and such...

                              there are pics of the box on my site

                              (See link below...)
                              Brown 2010