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2002 Proton Jumbuck - Thorpee's ute

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  • 2002 Proton Jumbuck - Thorpee's ute

    Hey everyone, ive been a silent reader on the forum for a while now, thought it was time to show you what i have done so far

    Here's a pic of my Jumbuck if you havent seen one before.

    And another pic of my ute

    I had an old small form factor pc that i wasent using anymore, so i decided to see if it would fit behind the passengers seat, and it did. The pc is up an running and so far i' am happy with the results will post pics of the pc and touch screen in the next couple of days.

    Been playing with a cheap logitech gamepad today. Soldered on some monmentary buttons on long lengths of wire in which i will mount the buttons in the center console to control sound and next track functions. This is so i dont have to look at the screen to control these aspects, i can just feel for the buttons and keep my eyes on the road.

    Pic of the empty gamepad shell

    And a pic of the gamepad internals and new buttons

    Was so happy when i plugged it into the pc and found that the new buttons work perfectly.

    i'm going to use a program called joytokey to set the gamepad buttons to keyboard commands for use with hotkeys in centrafuse.


    The pc is bit over kill but as i already have it why not use it

    Pentium 4 3.0 GHz
    512 MB of ram
    400gb seagate hdd in removable caddy so i can easily remove it and plug it in to the caddy in my houseputer to update movies and music
    onboard sound and video
    Xenarc 700IDT In Dash 7 inch Touch Screen VGA
    2 channel amp running split system speakers
    BU-353 Weather-proof GPS Receiver
    usb bluetooth
    M2-ATX 160W Intelligent DC-DC PSU

    I still have my jvc headunit installed, would like to leave it there for fm radio, was thinking of plugging it into the line in on my pc to get sound with out havening to have to switch the cables over with the pc. The PC line out is plugged straight into the amp. I'm pretty sure that will work, but if anyones done it before let us know if it works?

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    install pics

    Got around to installing the buttons described in first post today. Put them next to the gear stick, they work perfectly and are easy to reach while driving to change tracks and increase or decrease the volume.

    anyway heres a pic of the pc (from my ****ty camera phone, will try and get hold of a proper digi camera.

    Pc is behind passenger seat and since it is a ute there are no back seats so the passenger seat folds back and you cant even see the pc there.

    another of the pc, the amp is behind the drivers seat so the pc sound cable dosent nedd to reach that far

    the thing to the left that hides under the seat is the hdd caddy, u should be able to see the ide cable. i glued big ruber feet to the caddy to absorb some of the bumps a long the road

    last photo, what everyone sees when sitting in the car, this pic was just before i put the media/ hacked up gamepad buttons in. will take photos of them tomorrow