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    Cliff Notes: About a year and a half ago now, my v3 system died, or more accurately, the screen died/blew out, and took the systemboard with it. I used a spare HP ePC as a stop gap system run headless until my car blew it's headgasket 10 months ago. The car sat for 9 months before getting fixed. Now that it's running again I've started to build a new system. The old systems can be seen on the site in my sig.

    So, on to the new setup. Still going to run headless until I can afford to buy a new screen, and just going to strip the ePC out of its case.

    Edit: A few more particulars. The car in question:

    1993 VW Passat GLX

    The carpc as it's planned:
    • P3 933 mhz
    • 256mb ram (i815 chipset limitation)
    • 40gb 2.5" hdd
    • Onboard everything (power supply incl.)
    • ATi RF remote

    Unused in the car will be (eg currently installed but useless without a screen)
    • USB Gyration RF keyboard
    • PS/2 Cirque touch pad
    • USB DeLorme GPS
    • USB Orinco 802.11b card
    • USB media reader
    • USB Bluetooth dongle
    • USB Motorolla phone cable

    Day 1
    Wednesday night: stripped everything out of the ePC and went to home depot for supplies

    Day 2
    Thursday night: fabbed up a motherboard tray and loaded an os

    Day 3
    Friday night: formed an acrylic shell for the case

    Created a bit of a jig to form the acrylic

    Two sides done.

    Acrylic attached.

    You can almost make out the hairline cracks around the hole cut for the cpu fan. It figures that nothing cracks during the entire cutting/drilling/forming process, but as soon as i wipe it down with a damp rag to get the fingerprints off, it spiders a bit.

    Goal for tomorrow is to get the case finished up and get the software (girder+winamp) and device drivers loaded for the kit that I still have in the car.

    Since when is insanity a bad thing?