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95 Ram...12" touchscreen indash

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  • 95 Ram...12" touchscreen indash

    Hello all,

    This is my first attempt at a carputer install. Hopefully it will end up as good as I hpoe it will.

    So I guess I'll take you through what i've done so far.

    Ok here is what I have to work with...This is where the 12 incher is going.

    I found a dash bezel at the junkers for 5 bucks and it was better than mine so I cut up the original one (the original one was all messed up by the guy who helped himself to my old stereo)

    Then I made this for the screen to go into.

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      There is still ALOT more work to do with the screen mount but that is all I have done for now.

      On to the computer.

      So I needed a case...something stong, cheap ,and look like it belongs in the cab of my truck. Heres what I used.

      An hour or two of dremel work and i got all the partitions removed and cut the hole for the I/O Sheild

      The I/O sheild fit good but some hot gule and it wasn't going anywhere.
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        I also cut a hole for the psu fan and wifi plug.

        Here are some of the other parts of the system



        and I have a magnetic wifi anttena that goes on the roof.

        ok Back to the computer. Here is the case with the motherboard psu and hard drive in it.
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          I cut a little hole by the handle and added a switch to turn it on
          I also put a LED there because when you turn a computer on a light should go on, that is just the way it is.

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            Very cool idea with the DeWalt case.

            Try RevFE
            The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.


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              So now that I had it all together I had to test it out.
              Here is my lab/shop/christmas tree storage.

              While testing in the clean room something bizzare happend and my hard drive caught on fire. Good thing it was an old 40 giger

              So I replaced it. First I replaced it with a 10 gig 2.5 inch hdd

              But I didn't like that so I put in a counterfit seagate drive I got stuck with off of Ebay. Oh well it's 200 gigs and it works.
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                well here it is up and running. I put it in my truck and drove around abit it worked great. I just had the screen in my lap for now but I wanted to see if the gps was was....and it was cool.

                Well thats all for now I will keep you guys up to date.
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                  I'm liking it so far! Especially the case, since I too used a tool case. Mine was from a Panasonic drill, which just happened to be the same size as my mobo, with less than 1/4" clearance on all sides.
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                    Thanks guys. I actually put a lot of thought into the case and the drill case was perfect. It's big enough , It's strong , It's portable, and I have a few of them with no drills to put in them.
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                      any new pics of it mounted yet?


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                        Well I'm Stalled right now because the touchscreen function of my LCD is not working. If I can not get it working again I am not going to install it, I don't know if I can get another one, if I can't I'll have to find another large touchscreen and adjust the mount.

                        Thank you for the interest.
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                          That is a neat way to install the motherboard. I supposed your going to power it off an inverter. I also like the monitor housing good work , and smart getting a junker too.. Did you get the Holux GPS of Ebay? What software are you using for NAV?
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                            That's awesome....sometimes I could go back in time to when I bought my car and picked something that would house a bigger screen.... oh well.

                            What did you make the screen bezel out of?


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                              The bezel is made out of wood, fibeglass and Bondo.
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