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BMW 525 -89 (e36?)

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  • BMW 525 -89 (e36?)

    First of all: I would like to tell you that im from Sweden, and there for my english isn't as good as it could be. Spelling and grammar is not my good sides.
    If theres anything you don't understand, just tell me and i will try to explaine ;D


    About 2 month ago i saw a CarPC on the internet. i was totally facinated by how cool it looked,
    and since i just became a car owner myself i just klicked on the link to

    I looked around at all kind of carpc's and everything looked super cool.
    There wore no option to NOT get a CarPC in my car, so i started searching the forum for other cars like mine, but it seems like im the only one who wants to
    put more money in the cumputer than what the acutall car cost
    I paid $2000 for my car, but this project is just a training project 'till i buy my next car.

    I've search the forum, made a little bit of reading, made some more searching and then a little bit more reading and so on
    But you can't learn everything about something just reading about it. you have to try it your self.

    I wore thinking of having my CarPC to do following things:
    * Navigation
    * Listen to Musik (Mp3, radio)
    * Watching movies (dvd, divX. Not me, but maby my passengers)

    I devided my project in a couple of phases.

    Phase 1 - Sound:
    I need to upgrade my sound system. I got the same speakers that came with the car 1989, and i bet they never even wore topclass back then .
    An amplifyer is also needed, and i need to rewire the speaker cables anyway since my headunit must go, because i need its space for the screen.
    I will order the speakers and the amplifyer next week. This step is Phase 1 because this is the phase im most worried about not figuring out myself.
    Its mostly the wiering from speakers to amplifyer im worried about. I Have never had anything with car sound to do earlier. This will be fun and educational.

    Phase 2 - Testing.
    Put computer and screen together with a 12v battery. Install needed programs and so on.

    Phase 3 - Making a custom front.
    I got a bit of a problem here. Seems like the BMW factory didnt figure out that 17 years after the car was made, there will be a young buy who will put a cumputer into it.
    Therefor the made no room for a screen. I need to get rid of my stereo head unit, the beautifull clock and the ac-controller just to fit in the screen.
    Thiss will be a challange but i guess the artist in me will take care of this part

    Phase 4 - Mounting the cumputer
    Thinking of mounting my cumputer in the trunk.
    I saw someone who made a lite shelf for his computer and amplifyer. I Work as a sheet metall worker, so i got plenty of stainless steal avalible.
    Would have been nice to make a little wall in the trunk so my cumputer wont be flashed everytime i open my trunk.

    I Post you an image of how the front looks now

    I will keep you informed how my project turns out as often as i can.
    May the force be with me

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    Hi again.

    One week from today i orderd a Mp3car 16:9 8" touchscreen. I got it today.
    It costed $260 (+ about $40 in shipping). Thanks to the beautyful tax-system here in Sweden i had to pay another $100 (25% of the vallue in tax + custumfare and some other administrative crap) just to get it out from the post office.

    Anyway. Today i started preparing for screen in my car. Spended about an hour just to get my front of its place, and i marked every wire and cable.

    But now i got a problem. At the Mp3Car store, they told me the dimensions of the screen was 125mm in height, but in my documentaions (and after messuring myself) its 135mm.
    So basicly the screen wont fit.

    This is when i came up with an idea. Why not make the whole front of stainless steel. Could be cool, but it could also looke like something a 5 year old made for his mummy a rainy day. Well... Anyway. Its worth a try.

    If you wounder why i didnt start with the sound as i told you, its because i realisted that i wont need the sound system without a computer, since i plugg the speakers directly to the amp.

    Tomorrow and friday i will work at the console.
    I'll be backwhen i got something new.


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      any updates?
      SVT Contour #5480


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        Yeah.. I managed to fit the screen into the beezel, and im still working on sanding it. Will come with updates and pics soon


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          Any updates ?

          Hi Ekvation,

          I have similar dashboard like you have and was wondering if you made any progress ??
          Pics would be very nice


          525i '93 also e34


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            I have the E32 which has the same dash as the E34. I thought about fabbing something but thought it was going to be too much hassle, especially due to the lack of depth down at the bottom due to the ventilation pipes.

            I eventually went for a 1 din manual pop out screen and I currently have a mini usb keyboard in the ashtray and when I get the ASC housing from the dealer I'll have a nice mount for my power override switch.


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              My previous car was an E34. The screen in there was only used to play DVD's. It was a totaly different approach and probably isn't very good if you use the touchscreen (too far away) but I will post some pics anyway. Maybe it can give you guy's some ideas.

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