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Mitsubishi Airtrek Turbo-R Install

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  • Mitsubishi Airtrek Turbo-R Install

    OK guys this is it.
    Waiting for some of the stuffs to arrive.

    Try to post some pix when available. Am certainly excited to tear my new car apart !!

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    The dash.
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      ok ready to show some of the stuffs

      (1) mb is an itx mini sp1300
      (2) m2-atx
      (3) lcd 7' ts this is from (nice guys btw) seems like 800x600 no problem with the sp1300
      (4) usb audigy 2 nx
      (5) 7 port hub (this goes to the front of the dash)
      (6) panasonic slot type dvd-cdr/rw/dvdr-rw . . da da da everything. .
      (7) I don't know how the m/b setup in an ampie case would fit in the trunk but I bought the ampie case anyway

      ok I show some pix first to proof I really did spent the money hee hee

      when I find somemore time this week I will test and install it further and also think about wirings etc . .
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        more pictures of the gears

        I'll try to complete the ampie case and take more pix later.
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          The Car !!

          Ok this is what the car looks like :
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            love the car. wish we got those in the states!


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              wireless keyboard

              Hi Guys I am stuck with choice for wireless keyboard.

              anyone has experience using these ? they are 2.4ghz small combo keyboard/mouse (I searched the mp3car forum time and again and instead of showing me a bunch of finds on what I want, it showede 2.4ghz cpu instead !!)

              see below :

              this one looks nice !!


              this one looks handy !!


              how do these compare to the usb bluetooth ?
              any comments ?