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MG ZR 105 SE Install

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  • MG ZR 105 SE Install

    Well some of the parts have turned up now.

    I've recieved the following:

    P4 CPU (3.00Ghz)
    2GB DDR

    I'm waiting on hard drives, well I've not actually ordered them yet as I do not know what I want to go for.
    I will be installing a slim cd drive in my dash, along with a USB port on the side of the centre console for such times when I'll need to plug stuff in.

    The PC will have wireless networking along with the ability to dial up via my mobile.

    I'm tempted to go for a 4 camera install, but not too sure yet as I wont actually need them, but they'd be there for showing off purposes

    the case is going to be an old ATX case cut up to bits, only using the case for support of the mobo and the PCI cards. The mobo will be situated on the firewall on the passenger side. Just dont know what to do about cooling yet, whether to go for fan cooled or water cooled.

    Once my digicam returns back to the UK with my parents on Monday I'll have some photos of where I will be installing it in my car and the equipment.

    I'll be linking it all up with my 1000w amp which will make things sound so much better
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