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2002 Audi Allroad

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  • 2002 Audi Allroad

    First, Thanks to everyone for all of the info that has been posted on here. Without this forum, my Carpc would be crap or non-existant

    Decided to help contribute and document my worklog:

    2002 Audi Allroad

    Current Setup:
    Audi Nav+
    Blaupunkt TV/DVD ME3
    Dension Ipod Icelink

    Carputer Upgrade:
    Lilliput 7" touchscreen
    Asrock Micro ATX
    AMD Athlon 2500
    512MB Ram
    500GB SATA HD
    120GB SATA HD
    Slot Loading DVD+/-R
    Belkin bluetooth dongle
    Nokia GPS bluetooth LD-1W
    Belkin 802.11
    Motorola Q w/ EVDO
    Opus 250W Power Supply

    Windows XP MCE
    Mappoint 2006
    Yahoo Music Unlimited

    Place Tower in trunk
    12V Power to Power Supply
    ACC to Power Supply
    KVM Extension from Trunk to front
    Monitor Plugged into Cigarette Adapter and sitting in console
    RoadRunner Installed and configured

    To Do:
    - Remove Audi Tuner/Nav Unit
    - Wire Lineout of PC to Line in of Audi Amp
    - Shock absorb and mount PC in permanet place in trunk
    - hide wiring
    - Mold Display into Double Din Converter
    - Tap into CAN Bus
    - regain Steering wheel Button functionality
    - find a OBD/VAG Solution
    - find a V1 Integration solution
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    Wiring through the Audi Firewall:

    Theres already a hole and plug so its really easy to do this part.

    Remove your driver side lower dash:
    - remove two screws in bottom left and bottom right
    - remove screw next to fusebox on left side
    - unplug VAG port and light

    Open Hood
    - Remove rubber stripping that runs horizontally at back of engine compartment
    - Remove plastic cover covering battery compartment and air filter and ECU
    - Disconnect negative and positive leads
    - find rubber nipple next to ECU box
    - Pull with pliers
    - snip hole in rubber nipple
    - feed wiring through. Wire should come out next to streering column inside the car
    - replace nipple
    - complete battery terminal wiring
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      TouchScreen Dash Modification:

      There is a Metra Adapter available for A6/Allroad platforms. It should be about 30 bucks on ebay.

      Post pictures of process.
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        Audi Bose Amp Wiring:

        I had the bose package which included an amp for all speakers.

        1. Connecting RCA to amp inputs
        2. Connecting ACC and 12V to amp without Factory HU
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          VAG / CAN

          I have VAG-COM. might consider skinning it and integrating it into RR

          Really interested in hacking or looking into the CAN. to update climate control, get Speedo speed, update center console display, get remote parking sensor distance info, and regain steering wheel control buttons
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            Created a Boot Image:


            Tiff File
            Boot logo
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              Wiring through the firewall into the driver footwell
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                Temporary location of lilliput and CPU

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