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Soon to be my project blog because my screen is coming!

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  • Soon to be my project blog because my screen is coming!

    My Shpiel.

    Did I spell Shpiel right?

    I orginally got the idea from Turbocad and was ready to buy one of his $650 Fujitsu screens for my car, but then I got thinkin...

    I have a crappy car and I don't want $650 sitting in it (But of course the lcd "should" be about half the cost of the project). So I then started thinking and reading about cheaper solutions...but of course many tried and failed (At least on the cheaper part). And by solution I mean sunlight readable high nit screens or upgrades.

    Being quite a stingy/picky person I just simply couldn't find the "Screen" for me.

    I then came across a guy selling the same fujitsu screen Turbocad was selling about for around $100 less with control and touchscreen. I then realized they were for a model ST4121 Fujitsu tablet. I researched the tablet and the sunlight readability and realized this Tablet was going to be what I wanted. So I picked up one of these for $635 (This is the review):

    I figure I'll mold my dash so I can dock it in my car and then remove it to take it to class with me. I'll use my "Home Theatre" machine as a "Storage/Streaming" pc in my trunk and network the two units together because the tablet only stores 30gb of info. Otherwise I'll purchase an external HD.

    I've been since 4/20/05 and have read on the forums a lot longer than that. I know I'm quite new compared to some but I'm just glad I can finally join the DOER'S soon.

    I'll be posting my project status below once I recieve my Tablet.