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TC in 02 Acura RSX Type-S

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  • TC in 02 Acura RSX Type-S

    I have been steadily reading and now have decided to start my project ...
    I'd like to thank everyone for the great info especially

    InHoc for the awsome worklog
    and Fakk2 for the high goals of Hondata K-Pro integration.

    My Goals:
    See through plastic Cold cathode glovebox mount
    Multimedia station (music/movies/ possible NFS/HL1 Game)
    Performance Monitoring

    1. Multimedia hooked up to facotry amp; NO HU replaced by touchscreen
    2. Hondata K-Pro info
    3. Gauge readout (Turbo/Speed/Fuel to Air)

    What I have so far ...

    The Thinclient ...

    The version with WINGS!

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    Good luck. I wanted to do a glovebox setup, but the damn thing is so small. There's a lot of crap behind the glovebox (when closed) that would interfere. I hope you get it working, b/c I'd love to move mine from under the seat.


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      I finished the rough draft off the glovebox today. IT IS ROUGH not cleaned up yet.

      I need a recomendation for good sound card that is not to big as you can see the pci slot is limited to room I will have to make a new cut.

      I have not figured out where the harddrive will go yet or how I will power it. I might have to go with a laptop drive?

      But first the car/sleeper

      Inside .....

      The first draft mount ...

      The possible work area


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        I still havn't decided on a sound card any recomendation for one that is efficient but not to tall?


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          Originally posted by Conceited View Post
          I still havn't decided on a sound card any recomendation for one that is efficient but not to tall?
          How about a low profile sound blaster?

          Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic - Arthur C. Clarke


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            how's the air going to move around in the glove?

            it is going to get REALLY hot in there because of the fanless HS.
            2001 Acura CL traded for a 2006 Subaru Legacy GT
            7" Lilliput Touchscreen
            512 DDRsodimm
            60g SATA Laptop HD
            4x Apple DVDslot
            digimoto OBDii
            mS GPS
            mini BT keyboard
            relocated HU faceplate