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1998 K1500 3-door install.

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  • 1998 K1500 3-door install.

    This system was originally planned for our '06 expedition, but my getting a new job and beginning a commute soon prompted me to put it in my DD.

    This all started when I stumbled across these forums and picked up an open frame 8" LCD and this PC:

    When I got that equipment, I temporarily installed in this truck and was instantly hooked.

    Anyhoo, I managed to screw up the ribbon cable on that screen, so I pulled everything out and started compiling the rest of my audio components.

    Audio System:
    Pioneer ODR Headunit/processor (Used from a friend)
    JL 10w3 v2 subs (leftover from previous car. PO screwed up the gaskets pretty good, but the do work, and this isn't a competiotion install yet...)
    Boston Acoustics pro 6.4^3 3-way crossovers (Leftover from previous install)

    PG ZX500.4ti (Leftovers)
    PG ZPA 0.3 (Ebay)
    PG ZPA 0.5 (Ebay)
    I've always wanted to run a ZPA in a system, but never had the means...

    Just picked up a Tview 8" TS to replace the aforementioned open frame unit.

    The purpose of this system is to provide me with an enjoyable commute. It isn't meant to be a competition killer by any means, but it will sound very nice when done. I am trying to keep everything stock looking or hidden, barring the screen, so bear with that.

    Pic of the boxes sitting on the carpet in my garage. Shampooing that nasty stuff before it goes back in... Aluminum angle is for the PC and processor mounted to 1/4" plexiglas. These will "float" between the boxes.(Click for full size)

    Head unit, DVD drive, and space for a USB header. I took a Metra dash kit, pulled off the front trim plate, and built a frame from plexi and aluminum angle stock to mount everything. I took a piece of 1/8" plexi and cut the holes for everything on a scroll saw. Finally, I bead blasted the piece, painted it with Fusion satin black, and used trim adhesive tape to place it on the completed frame. The HU is bolted into the frame via the screw holes in the side.

    Gutted truck. Running USB*3, Analog audio, Pioneer data, Pioneer digital, VGA, and remote wire down the center of the truck. 1/0 power on the passenger side. You can also see the woofers and midrange drivers in the door. Tweeters are in the factory location in the doors.

    I'll continue to update this this week. My timetable is Wednesday, but we'll see how that goes.