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03 Eclipse Carputer (The Beggining)

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  • 03 Eclipse Carputer (The Beggining)

    I am new to the car pc world but have a good sense of knowledge when it comes to computers. I decided to make my own thread instead of making random threads just asking one question. it seems that thats a no-no

    I have a couple of questions regarding my system and I hope the experienced members are kind enough to answer my questions. I have searched and learned a lot but there are certain specifics that I wanted to ask because I found little or no threads.

    I am planning on building my carpc from an older compaq presario 5000 I had laying around.


    Motherboard - UWAVE system board
    1.0 GHz AMD Athlon Processor
    40gb Hard drive
    512mb PC100 SDRAM(two 128, one 256mb)
    PCI Video Card is MIA(I was looking to get a 64mb or 128mb)
    8x DVD drive

    I had problems using the psu calculators because my processor is not listed in the calculators and i just guess as to how many watts my pc requires. The calculator on Journey System has the AMD Classic Athlon Slot A(1000 MHz) listed as my closest match? Anyway that calculator rated my pc at 215 watts. Is that accurate? I wanted to go with an Opus DC-DC because it regulates, and has an integrated on/shutdown controller but I read in a faq that if you have over 200w then go with an inverter.

    1. What PSU would you recommend I use considering my system?

    Why is my system rated over 200w when I've seen other more powerful and using the Opus150w or M2?

    If I did go with an inverter is this correct?

    2. Can I run my screen and pc off of the same inverter?

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    1) yes i would recomend an inverter if its over 200watts
    1b) no, i would run it through a relay and put the swich to that



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      3. Instead of the rocker switch, can I wire into the ignition so that when I turn the key the inverter powers up and my Screen and pc turn on?
      Will that be a stable/reliable way to do it?

      4. If I did that(question 3) when I remove the key will the pc/screen turn off abruptly?


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          What's good my niqqa.

          3) you *can* do that technically but I think the fuse would blow on the inverter over a period of time. In my own car, I am thinking about wiring my inverter to a switch (cuz it doesnt have one now). the process when i get into my car will be like this:
          1) get in, turn on the car
          2) flip the switch im gonna install to power on the inverter
          3) turn the PC on
          4) turn the monitor on.

          I know there are hacks out there to have your machines power on via "receiving power" but, for me, it's too complicated and i dont mind pushing a couple of extra buttons gettin into my car.

          4) if you have a shutdown controller, it will give your pc/monitor enough power to shut down properly and when they do shut down, it'll automatically kill the power. read some of the FAQs on the site for more detail.

          peace out,
          - sh00k
          Duct tape and a Bandana for the win, b!shes!!!

          My Setup:

          Cost so far: Less than a grand ;]

          Economy/Commuter cars + Computers = many entertained miles


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            ok well i worked on the pc...
            I made a case out of aluminum...its 22x12x4 it fits perfect in the trunk. I am still unsure of my wiring if anyone care to my plan again is to run a 300w inverter. heres the pics of my car and the pc and lastly the new wiring diagram i drew up is that accurate? also can u power the screen off of a usb hub?