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W.I.P. Chapter 1

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  • W.I.P. Chapter 1

    Hi, all
    I got the main stuff to build my car computer. In this thread, you'll see how I managed to put the main hardwares together.


    MiniBox M2-ATX Power Supply
    VIA EPIA SP13000
    TRAVLA C138 computer case
    512 MB memory DDR400

    Open the case and we see the nessessary cables inside. Also, it has a small 60w power supply- which I won't be using for this project.

    The original power supply (PS) has been removed. we now noticed that it was screwed on to its own little bracket/holder - which can be removed seperatly.

    This PS that I will be using, the M2-ATX, has a problem trying to fit in this area. Because it is wider,it won't sit comfortably well between the external switch circuit board and the internal plugs for firewire/ sound etc. My solution was to locate the new PS above the switches circuit on the left.

    I removed the separate bracket (that held the original PS) and turned it upside down. I grabbed a flex metal strip from my CPU-junk-box and I bent it almost half way.If you look closely on the right side, you will see that I drilled a hole for a screw to go through. On the left side, I secured that end with a small screw and nut. I placed a black screw bracket in the middle, so the bracket and the strip is fully tight and secured.

    On the right side, I took a screw (up to about 3/4") and applied it to the hole that I've drilled. The head is faced downwards. The two nut above the washer acts as the spacer.

    On the other end, I replaced one of the original screws(that holds the switches circuit board) and replaced it with another long one. The screw head will be faced upwards when the M2-ATX is in place.
    Sorry, I didn't take the picture during the process.

    Here is the result:
    After applying another 'custom' spacer on the lefts side above the switches circuit board,the PS is placed. The 3/4" screw should go through the right hole of the PS, and is held by another nut. Screwing in the left side of the PS, through the spacer underneith, is challenging.
    Now it's even level. Please keep in mind the PS bracket is still upside down when I installed it back in the case.

    Next, comes the SP13000 MoBo with the memory installed. It took me a few minutes and some use of colourful languages to fit the thing in over the PS. I removed the internal cables for the front audio out and microphone. I made use of the internal firewire and the 2 USBs. I also added another another pair of internal USBs for the back. I also connected the neccessary power and switch wires to the MoBo.

    Looking at the rear view, you will notice that I moved one of the regular size molex plug to the outside of the case. This will be used to power up a couple of gadgets which I will get to later. Also, sticking on your right side, are the power wires.
    You will notice that there is a switch hooked up with the white wire. This switch will be used as a ghetto style CAR IGNITION switch.

    The 2 medias that will be involved in my project are a notebook DVD-ROM & CD-R/RW drive and a 60GB notebook HD. Both will be powered by a molex power splitter. The bracket that holds the drives is ususlly placed over the motherboard inside the case, but I won't install it yet.

    After hooking up the power wires to my AC-DC power supply and a switch of my CAR IGNITION, the VIA logo appears on my screen....and no smoke or explosion occured.

    Well...thats the first stage done. Next, I will sort out the BIOS setting and install the operating system.
    I'll keep u posted so stay tuned...

    ...same leo71 time...
    ...same leo71 channel!!

    For all u newbies (like me)- although I'm using the Travla C138 case, I don't recomend it - trying to put the hardwares in such a small space, especially with modifications, is a *****!!!
    I would suggest something like a C158 instead.