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1993 Mitsubishi Verada Xi (aussie car!)

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  • 1993 Mitsubishi Verada Xi (aussie car!)

    Thought i would add another Aussie car to the list. An oldy but a goodie. I've started my PC project after much reading and failed ideas.

    The main goal for my carpc is to create something that plays music, dvds and if that works i'll go from there! Another factor for me is no money and no real car modding skills so my project is basic basic. I thought i would post my progress thus far to show people how simple it can be

    Parts Used for PC :

    Mini Atx case
    P4 2ghz 533fsb S478
    512mb Ram DDR 333
    40GB int and 80GB ext 2.5in caddy (to be mounted up front eventually)
    Geforce FX5200
    SB Live
    USB Wifi
    USB Asus infra Remote/mouse (ex HP media center)
    Packard bell wireless mouse for people who cant use my remote :P
    XP Pro
    Winamp 5

    Parts in Car Already :

    Alpine CDA-9807 with Ai-net Aux Cable
    7inch In-dash Motorised LCD TV (no vga or touchscreen)
    Stock Verada speakers are splits - replaced to pioneer tweeters
    Alpine 6x9's in the back
    Cheapest 12inch Sub money can buy ($10 in fact lol)
    Old Apline 2 channel Amp model unknown for Sub
    Interior speakers run from head unit

    I decided to go with an Inverter setup mainly cos i had the inverter already. Basically i hard wired the inverter to next to the amp in the back, then ran the mains switch for the inverter to a switch on the dash. I also split the power switch for the pc and ran that to the front also. So i have 2 switches, one for inverter on and off and one for pc to hibernate. The pc hibernates in about 4 seconds and i switch the inverter off after that. the pc boots in around 25 seconds or less.

    I chose to run just winamp as its simple, fast and resumes back to the second when i restart the pc. So far everything is running fine. My remote receiver i mounted behind the dash above the climate control and you cant see it. Works a treat. All cables used to route switches, extend usb ect is Cat 5 :P

    I plan to add webcam, connect my mobile phone for anywhere net access. I already have an ipaq with gps so sat nav isnt a prob for me. I also plan to mount usb ports and mic inputs etc

    I've included some pics of my progress so far. I will be mounting the pc in properly also this it just what i got done this weekend.

    Like i said basic basic .. nothing compared to some of the work other people do, but it works and works well and total cost to me was the parts in the shed and a couple of $2 switches :P (lcd was $268 delivered .. was part of a dvd stereo i had .. innovatek dvd-393 pos .. )

    let me know what ya think?
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    1993 Mitsubishi Verada Xi (Aussie Car!)
    Alpine CDA-9807, 12in sub, 6x9s, splits, In-Dash 7inch LCD TV
    PC = P4 2ghz 533FSB, 512mb, 40gb, 80gb ext, dvdrw, sblive, wifi, fx5200 ...

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    2 Days running!

    Well 2nd day running and everything is going well.

    I really need to mount the pc somehow. i like the idea of moulding it into the car but i also like the idea of being able to remove the pc aswell. I guess once its running perfectly there will be no need to remove it. If anyone else has a pc they remove i'd love to here about it

    A friend of mine is getting a hold of a couple of 10 or 12in lcds (800x600) for me. I was thinking of mounting one in the boot and one in the center console facing back for passengers to view and pick songs etc. When i get them i'll be able to see how good they are and how possible it will be. The possibilities are endless!

    I havent had much luck with any dedicated software like media car or frodoplayer. Also if i was to use one of those i'd have alot of useless buttons (xm Radio, Sat nav, Tv etc). I wish there was a front end that could be modified to have as many buttons as you need. Maybe there is and i've missed it. If anyone knows a frontend that can do this let me know

    I plan this weekend to mount the 2.5in ext HDD into my center console. Only trouble i see is the usb power not carrying over a long cable. Might have to mount a powered hub. Maybe i can mount a card reader, front audio and usb ports in the console. Mainly want to mount the 2.5in drive though. It doesnt like flying around the boot :P

    I've added a pic of the remote i use and the mouse. Also a shot of my desktop and the switches. I might look at relocating the electric mirror switch and mount my usb stuff there instead. Who the hell uses the mirror switches anyway!
    Attached Files
    1993 Mitsubishi Verada Xi (Aussie Car!)
    Alpine CDA-9807, 12in sub, 6x9s, splits, In-Dash 7inch LCD TV
    PC = P4 2ghz 533FSB, 512mb, 40gb, 80gb ext, dvdrw, sblive, wifi, fx5200 ...


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      great job mate i have a KR verada same year model good looking setup

      Edit: i used some large velcro strips in my first instal to hold the pc in place but i had mine mounted flat on the carpet, if you were looking at intergrating the whole lot into the car i would suggest using a car-pc power supply just so you cut down on everythings overall size.

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