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    Welcome everyone the my carputer build for my 99 cavalier. Some background on what i want this thing to do:

    *Run Iguidance
    *DVD,VCD Player
    *Some MP3 Play
    *Mame, and roms+ emulators

    First things first though, I need to get this thing booting up. ive been talking about this all day in my first prebuildlog posting located HERE

    I am getting ready to open her up so wish me luck...

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    ***Update***- October 23, 2006

    Friday at work i happened to find a 40 gig hdd for laptop. so i went home made sure the big beast 6 gig wasnt working, removed it then installed the 40 gig only to boot up and freeze...

    after pondering this for a few hours, i read that you need to flash the bios with the newest update in order to get it to work. so off i went found the bios and flashed. only to still freeze at system boot.

    so i opened up the bios and tried to locate the drive... and it still wouldnt find it. so finally i got mad and popped in the 6 gig only to find it was now working. it booted up fine. it was running 95 i believe, so i pulled out my trusty version of xp sp2 nlite edition and low and behold it could not read from the disc. so i cleaned the disc with a skip doctor and still no avail.

    finally i just grabbed a cd-r a burned the mce nlite that i had spared on my desktop installed the operating system and woot woot it worked. only one problem: no sound.

    finally i managed to find the audio drivers and looked in the hardware manager and i had 2 devices that were unknown. (still not sure what the oter one is) so i picked one and installed the audio drivers. after a quick reboot i got a bluescreen during the loading profile, i thought oh god all this for nothing. so after it died i restarted and its working great.

    not sure what the bluescreen was all about but i guess it worked itself out. could also be cause im using a nt driver with xp .... lol.

    anyway, so last night i go to install iguidance 3.0 only to find i need a gps antenna (of course) problem is i dont have one yet. figured id get the BU-353 but dont really have the cash yet. so instead i went on ahead and picked up my ps,nes,snes,mame emulators. guess all thats needed now is road runner install, and a skin.

    only thing this project has costed me so far is time and effort. i havent put a dollar towards it YET.

    notice yet.....


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      btw anyone know how i would install usb 2.0 ports on a solo 2500??


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        havent updated for awhile i know. anyway ive been working with this thing on and off. the stock harddrive corrupted the windows system so im starting to think that hardrive is faulty. put the 40 gig in it and it only found 30 gigs of it (thats max) so i tried to install a new tiny xp i got... boot it up and it says it needs at least 64 mb ram to work... so it wont install. but this laptop does have 64 mb of ram. 32 on board and 32 in expansion slot. im having trouble finding another stick to pop in there.

        im figuring windows is stopping the install cause it will use up every bit of the 64 mb of ram and wont have anymore for any other process's.

        good news is though that when i do get it installed the tiny xp i have only uses 40 mb to run.... so thats a plus. but right now im stuck with windows 98 on it.


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          Originally posted by darkdrake View Post
          btw anyone know how i would install usb 2.0 ports on a solo 2500??
          PCMICIA to USB 2.0 adapter like one of these.

          Click Here -

          DubPuter Progress [:---------] 05%

          2004 Subaru Impreza WRX
          Intel 845GL 400MHz FSB Main Board
          Intel Celeron 1.8GHz Processor
          D Link 802.11G PCI Wireless Network Adaptor

          On order - Lilliput 7" Toutchscreen