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1999 BMW 323i E46 carputer worklog

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  • 1999 BMW 323i E46 carputer worklog

    Ok, after a few months of waiting on parts to come in... Let me introduce my carputer...

    Parts installed currently:
    Mac Mini (Core Solo)
    Xenarc 700TSV 7" Touchscreen
    Srcstc BMW E46 Bezel
    Firewire M-Audio Audiophile
    Soundgate preamp
    Carnetix P1900 power supply + Macpack
    Ressler's USB iBus interface
    Garmin GPS USB 18

    Software in use:
    Road Runner
    Franson GPS Gate
    Windows Xtra-Problems

    Here is the 700TSV with the bezel:

    I did not have the NAV car so I had to buy the conversion part to drop the the AC Controls:

    Here is the Super VEN4 (Unbalanced RCA -> Balanced):

    Ok, since the Audiophile puts out a +4 signal here is the Audiogate line driver thanks to Zebel for suggesting the super ven / Soundgate (this will be a temporary solution until I put in a system):

    Here is the soundcard that drives the audio to the system... This soundcard is great since it is made by Avid; Since it is firewire the mac will power the soundcard off the firewire bus, and its M-Powered for digidesign software!:

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    Installing the touchscreen LCD into the car:


    I mounted the Mac Mini and CarNetix power supply in with some velcro and foam padding that the Mini is resting on to absorb any car vibrations. Currently, the CarNetix is not turning on so I am running off an inverter but that should be fixed sooner or later.


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      After dropping down the A/C controls with the part from the NAV car I have seemingly run into a problem... There was a DSC and Speaker button that should go in the strip below the A/C controls, however they will not fit into the new part.

      When I tried to take the buttons I have and put them in they are too high the new strip that goes across is not as high as the old one. I need to get the buttons changed out to the size that would come with the NAV car. Can anyone help me find the part numbers for those two buttons as well as the plastic spacers that would fill up the rest of the unused slots?


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        It looks like BMW took the DSC and Speaker button that were in my old one and make it a "switch centre". The part I installed, 51167001408 would fit the 1 piece switch centre. However my car is just before they upgraded so I need to install 51168202186.


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          When you fit the bezel did you keep the back from the original xenarc, or did you have to take the back off?

          Nice install!
          CarPuter Progress:
          Planning:-----> [||||||||||] 100%
          Hardware Buying:-> [||||||||||] 100%
          Software:-----> [||||||||||] 100%
          Installing:-----> [||||||||||] 100%
          Current Project= Making skins in photoshop...


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            I did have to remove the back of the LCD. I Really wish I could find a way to fit it in with the back on... But I have not.


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              Originally posted by Aberrant View Post
              I did have to remove the back of the LCD. I Really wish I could find a way to fit it in with the back on... But I have not.
              did you ever take pics of it all?


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                dude this is a project from 2007!