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2001 Mustang GT Mach 460

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  • 2001 Mustang GT Mach 460

    Figured I had to start somewhere, so this is going to be my new worklog with pics. So Far I have installed a Sony CDX-RA700 headunit in place of the
    460's 6 disc changer and an amp and a 15" enclosed subwoofer in the trunk. To coonect to the factory amps and speakers I used a Metra Harness. Now I wat to install a screen in the dash for a carputer. I have been looking at both desktops and tablets trying to decide what route would be the best for me. I do not have much money at all to spend, and was hoping to use only parts I had here at home. (I work in the IT field and have enough spare parts laying around to build three or four more desktops lol) But the otherday at work I was able to get my hands on an HP TC1100 tablet pc that had a cracked screen. So now the plan is to use this and incorporate the whole thing into my stang's dash. Any thoughts on this? Here are some pics of the unit as I got it and of it taken apart completely.

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    As you can see it is pretty small. I think I can add it to a double din size fabricated case of some sort to install the whole thing into the dash directly behind where I will be placing the monitor. I know I will need a video cable extension, the one on it is very short. The lcd itself is not a true touchscreen, but requires the stylus pen it came with. That shouldn't be much of a problem, seeing as it should be as easy to keep up with as any remote lol. The hp has most laptop features, IE wireless network card, wired network car and modem, 2 USB ports, SC card reader, audio and microphone out. It also has bluetooth and I have already got a 100 gig laptop hard drive to replace the 40 gig one. I wish it had more usb ports, and hopefully I will be able to find a usb hub or something to produce more of them. I know I will be adding an external DVD drive to it, and I would really like to have some sort of GPS added.

    Let me know what you think of this plan. I would hate to start on it and find out after putting in a lot of time that it won't work for some reason.

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    Well, no replies so I went ahead and started today. It was very tough getting a case together to sit in the dash holding the computer itself while still being close enough for the screen wires to reach the board, not too mention the power button. Anyways I got something togeter (pics coming soon) with a piece of an old computer case for the motherboard to set on, and another plate welded on for the monitor to mount to. I am going to keep my in dash cd player for now, since it is connected to my amp, speakers, and XM radio. This leaves me with no room for my heat/ac controls. Any suggestions on where to mount them for now? When I can get a new amp I will be running only the carpc and can move them back to the bottom of the bezel, but until then I need to put them somewhere lol. My first thought was maybe in the glove compartment...

    Any thoughts welcome!


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      do a search on mustang for this forum..... someone put a 10.4" lcd in his dash and did some relocating... that will prolly give you a good idea of what you can/can't do...

      What size is the LCD on your tablet pc?
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