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2006 Mini Cooper S + CarPC

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  • 2006 Mini Cooper S + CarPC

    Well I finally got around to getting my CarPC. Here are the specs.

    2006 Mini Cooper S
    Dark Metalic Silver with Silver 'U' stripe on bonnet/hood

    Black Ampie/VoomPC Case
    7" Lilliput Touch Screen Monitor
    M2-ATX Power Supply (160Watts)
    Via MII 10000 Motherboard
    1GB Kingston Ram
    80Gb 7200RPM 2.5" Hard Drive
    160Gb Western Digital Passport (External HD via usb)
    CF Holux-271 GPS Receiver w/ external antenna
    7-Port DLink USB Hub
    2 USB Panel Mount in Glovebox
    USB Bluetooth Adapter
    USB Wireless Adapter
    USB Microphone
    Car2PC Adapter (connects my stock HU and steering wheel buttons to PC)
    OBDII USB Adapter (still need to purchase)
    Rear Camera (possible in future)

    Windows XP Pro SP2
    Centrafuse w/phone control
    iGuiance 3.0 GPS Software

    The only visible thing will be the Touchscreen. I modified the cup holder to act as a swivel mount for the TS.
    The computer will be located under the passenger seat in the compartment under the carpet. (I already installed an amp under the drivers seat in the compartment under the carpet)
    The GPS Antenna has been mounted inside my external antenna on top of my car so that is hidden also.
    The USB Hub will be mounted behind the dash along with the other USB devices.
    Since there will be 2 usb ports in the glove box, my external HD will be located in there as well as a portable USB dvd rom (when needed)

    This will be my setup. Currently I am testing the hardware in the car. So another words, my CarPC is working in the car, but components are still visible.

    I will post some pics soon, and if you have questions let me know.


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    Please excuse the picture quality, it was dark out and camera isn't the greatest

    Picture 1:
    Center Console with screen

    Picture 2:
    Outside behind the car. (drivers behind me could see my screen )

    Picture 3:
    Center Console behind front seats
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      Picture 4:
      Center Console

      Picture 5:
      Centrafuse Front End

      Picture 6:
      Centrafuse Visualization
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        Here is a 1 minute long WMV that is a small preview of centrafuse use. The quality is low due to file size restrictions.
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          Here are some outside pictures of the screen mount I made out of the OEM Cup Holder
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            Swivel Mount in action
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              1st Picture:
              Place in glove box where the USB mount will be mounted (where the aux port is supposed to go)

              2nd Picture:
              Picture of stopper on screen (if I pushed hard enough, it would push the on/off button of the radio, this also makes the screen more sturdy meaning it doesnt have any give when i push on it)

              3rd & 4th picture:
              GPS antenna coming from outside oem antenna (need to route it through the headliner down to under the seat)
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                Pictures of carPC
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                  Bad News, my M2-atx power supply fried itself and took the motherboard with it... now I need to get some new parts... I will post pics later.


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                    Hello Arty.

                    Would you mind posting pics of where you mounted the PC and run the cables?



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                      beautiful hinge on the monitor. you get an A+ from me!
                      Duct tape and a Bandana for the win, b!shes!!!

                      My Setup:

                      Cost so far: Less than a grand ;]

                      Economy/Commuter cars + Computers = many entertained miles


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                        I mounted the PC under the carpet on the front passenger's seat.
                        In my car there are styrofoam inserts under the carpet under both front seats. I removed those inserts and placed the PC there. (Can't find any pictures at the moment)

                        As for running the wires, I have them running down the center console, and under the carpet to get to the PC. My battery is in the back of my car, so running the power wires was easy and I did that under the carpet too. (don't know where those pictures are either)

                        Hope this helps.



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                          I think on my car, that requires taking the seats out as it is one large peice of carpet.

                          I'll let you know how I go


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                            Do you think you could give me some guidance as to how I could mount my lcd like yours with a hinge or something so that I could take it out when necessary and keep it low from thieves watching me ride by?
                            "You know what I mean? But at the end of the day, it is what it is." - The most articulate thing someone could say.


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                              Do you have the h/k system or is it the base stereo? Looks good, I want to do this with my 04MCS