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  • Honda Civic 2006

    So not to long ago i decided to put a carpc into my car, i orginaly had a Kenwood DDX7017 in my car with 2 12w3v2's powered by a 500/1

    I took out the kenwood, and put the stock unit back in so i could have the double din peice out of my car and still have a radio while i work on this.

    here are some pics to get it started... more to come as the days go on

    This is rewiring the harness for the stock AMP that honda has under the shifter

    While i was removing the dash

    A Buddy of mine sanding the NAVI Dash peice down so i can fit my lilliput in :-)

    Glueing the Frame of the lilliput so we can bondo soon :-)

    i should start bondo tomorrow maybe depends on my time i have... we will see, ill keep ya all updated.

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    Here are some updated pictures

    before sanding...

    After some sanding, not fully done yet... and i have to fill some air bubbles...

    I should be filling the little holes tomorrow and then after that sanding with a 220 sand paper or maybe 300 depends what i got, after that to PAINT!


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      Good job so far, keep it up. Looking forward to seeing your progress.
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        Looking really good, keep sanding and filling and sanding and filling primer and sanding etc. Great setup so far, you can make it perfect!


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          do you guys kno were i can get the paint for it? so it would match orignal color?


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            a buddy of mine used these guys paint on his prelude door. Looked really good.