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2004 Nissan Altima - another Laptop/Tablet mount

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  • 2004 Nissan Altima - another Laptop/Tablet mount

    I dont really need a carputer in my car yet, and time and funds is an issue, but i really want GPS in my car, and the cheapest way to do it is my tablet mount. i wont be using it every day, so just use your imagination for now.

    i doodled a little diagram on how i want to make it, but i have very little experience in this area and welcome any and all criticism that would help improve the build. holding the laptop against the foam alone looks like this mount is going to work, and the viewing angle should be good. i made one of those mount with cardboard paper just as a prototype to see the practicality of it, and i think it will work, but im worried about mounting it to the center console, have to find a good solid spot, and i haven't even taken part the console to see if it would work.

    heres the bottom line, i havent brought any parts yet and i barely have any tools laying out other than the typical household tools. what is the cheapest tool that i can get to cut the aluminum? i dont mind it being ugly and sanding it down to make it smooth. will a typical saw work? and i dont have aux in on my car and there is NO ADAPTER that will work for my year and model alone for the oem stereo for some reason. my tablet speakers sucks, and i doubt ill be able to hear much. any ideas? power issues? whats the minimum inverter wattage i should be looking for?

    any suggestions? tips? comments?

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    my tablet sucks on direct sunlight..especially sunlight from the back. i was at a red light when taking this picture. its not that much trouble pressing with the pen, i have cup holders near the armrest so i just put it in there. just dont reach that much while driving and you should be fine.

    the holder, the velcro wraps around the keyboard part of the tablet which keeps it stable, and it does a really good job. im only worried about putting stress on the laptop screen clip.

    i made two of these and install it inside the cars dash so only the round cylinder sticks out of the car, then the holder's bars go inside the cylinder. there is foam padding between my dash and the holder so it does not move at all.

    i wanted to make those cylinders removable at first but after taking apart the dash i didnt see it possible. the metal i used was too thick and was really hard to cut and bend, so im gonna buy thinner pieces and try again next week. its necessary because i cant push the dash in all the way because of the thickness of these pieces...or its because of how i hide the usb gps receiver cables, ill have to look into that.

    i think im gonna purchase an indash pioneer receiver some day, just more practical for every day use.