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  • A Master Piece in the Making

    OK I just got my first Jetta and I plan to put in a Carputer. I am going to uses this Thead to modivate myself to finish and get some ideas about what i should do.

    The picture below is the very rough draft of what I want it to look like when finished. The left side is the wheel well which will hold the computer and the amps and sound equipment (RED) the subs will be in custome Boxes on the sides and the right picture is with the floor back in and the JETTA will be acrylic, the floor will be ebony hardwood and the white lines are aluminum runners so stuff in the trunk does not ruin the wood.
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    this would be better suited in worklogs


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      with a title like that i'm going to hold you to the highest standards :-) make us proud
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        Is the Crossover for the factory speakes in the jetta inside the doors or is it in side the amp? Do i need to get new crossovers for the speakers in the door or is there some way around this.

        Also any ideas about how to cover the LCD when not in use and when 5oh shows up, don't want a ticket for unsafe driving because of the screen.
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          Originally posted by daclothe View Post
          this would be better suited in worklogs
          You are correct.

          Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
          How about the Wiki?

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