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1971 Volkswagen Transporter

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  • 1971 Volkswagen Transporter


    I have a bay window bus going through a mechanical overhaul right now to get running, the prepaint is almost done. The interior is about to go underway and i need to start planning!!! Throw some ideas at me! I have sooo much space. The only thing I have set in stone so far is mohair on the roof to make hiding super easy. Plus I love mohair. There is a perfect spot for the pc under either front seat. The entire roof has rails everywhere to hide cables so I was thinking about putting many speakers in the roof! All monitors I want to have fold down from roof (and their backside covered in mohair to blend). And in true bus fashion, I would like a minifridge.

    Throw some more ideas at me if your bored, I'll keep posting them as I think of them as sort of a permanent post-it.

    Not related to carputers, but is there a site with outlines of my car inside and out so I can modify them in paint or something? To help me get a visual?

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    HAHAHA, the wires out the window kill me!! There is basically already a desk in the back, but how about making the front captains chairs swivel for a small desk behind them? I use my floors too much to have anything that scratches. I was thinking abuot diamond plate or something equally durable.
    Thanks for the sites.

    Keep the ideas coming!