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02 WRX - finally started

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  • 02 WRX - finally started

    I have been lurking and researching on this site for a while and have finally decided to take the plunge. I will go ahead and get right down to the nitty gritty of the system:

    Monitor - Lilliput 7" in WRX Chassis - $483
    Case - VoomPC2 - $120
    MOBO - CN13000G - $168
    PSU - M2-ATX - $90
    HDD - Hitachi 80 GB 7200rpm - $95
    RAM - 1GB DDRII 533 - $85
    DVD - Panasonic slim slotload - $90
    GPS - BU-353 - $75

    Total as of 2/4/07 - $1206
    I will be getting a USB WIFI adapter locally after the CarPC is setup. I am currently testing TinyXP and an nLite version of XP on a couple of my home machines to see which setup works best for me. If anyone has any other ideas for an OS, let me know, I am pretty open. I am still messing with front ends to see which one I like best.

    I will edit and update this original post with installation pics and whatnot.

    Now, onto the pics.....

    Here is my car, it is an '02 WRX:

    **EDIT** 2/7/07 Here is a pic of the dash with my monitor already installed.

    The receiver is a JVC DVD player. I will be piping the audio to the JVC for now, until I decide to delve into the audio aspect a little more [more research].

    I have received the RAM, HDD, GPS and DVD. I am just waiting on the case, mobo and PSU, it should be here tomorrow.


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    Well, I have some updates:

    First off, from what I can tell, the CN13000G is physically setup different the other VIA Mini-ITX boards. That makes it a tighter fit into the VoomPC2 case. Specifically the power connector to the motherboard and the placement of the IDE connectors. After some test fits, and buying a shorty IDE cable, I am pretty confident it will stand the test of time. Will upload some pics of what Im talking about later.

    Second, I bought some DDRII533 for this install - Kingston KVR533D2N4. Well, that doesnt boot, but I went locally and found very similar RAM - Kingston KVR533D2, and it booted right up.

    Here it is hooked up in the house, getting ready to install nLiteXP:

    Should be in by tonight.