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DashCommand v2 is now available!

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  • DashCommand v2 is now available!

    DashCommand v2

    We are proud to announce that DashCommand version 2 is now available.

    DashCommand™ is a touch screen friendly software application that is designed to integrate OBD-II data monitoring and logging into the in-car computing experience. Use DashCommand’s capabilities to create and display stunning virtual dashboards with styles ranging from digital gauges to analog gauges. Thanks to DashXL™ technology, the dashboards look great on any screen size, large or small.

    We’ve added new capabilities to DashCommand that will allow a richer and more satisfying experience. The highlights are:
    • Create and use interactive dashboards with the addition of buttons, states, and the ability to switch between dashboards.
    • Add new calculated metrics to dashboards with the support of ScanXL scripts.
    • Read and clear your Check Engine Light trouble codes.
    • Record data logs from dashboards and from the new data logging screen.
    • Playback the logs files or analyze then in ScanXL.
    • Support for multiple vehicles
    Use the DashXL Skin Editor to create your custom interactive virtual dashboards or modify and customize the ready-made dashboards available for download from The dream of having a full function virtual dashboard at your finger tips that matches the style of your existing dashboard can now be realized.

    Introducing, your source for DashCommand dashboards and resources to help you create, modify and customize dashboards for your particular needs. Over the coming months will grow to include dashboards submitted by DashCommand users that can be downloaded and used by the rest of the community. We hope that the new site will become a valuable resource for those seeking help with creating and modifying dashboards and that together we can build a supportive and active community.
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    Brian @ Palmer Performance Engineering, Inc.